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Thread: any ideas how this happpened?

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    any ideas how this happpened?

    hi there, im new to reloading, first reloads, i did 10 just to try out the kit,
    lee full resize of factory federal once fired brass
    .223 55gr speer soft point, 22.9gr vt n133
    used the crimp. Seated to 2.2500
    This is the min amout as per the book, grouped well, no cap deformities.
    But this happened once i extracted the case?
    the factory ammo just had a little bit of soot around the neck but this? everyone was the same.
    No heavy recoil, easy to cycle another round.
    any ideas?????
    p.s. the smoke thing was just on the one side/

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    Soot round the neck is normal, but if its further back it suggests the case isnt sealing itself properly. You know its the friction against the chamber walls that mainly holds the case in place?

    Thats normally a low pressure sign, as you also said its the min load by the book, that would support the idea.

    As you full resized the brass it can make that powder residue a bit worse since its no longer fire formed to your chamber. Try working up the allowed loads, then just neck size next time around and start the process again.

    I had similar marks but a couple of firings and neck sizings only sorted the issue.

    Not sure what you mena by "But this happened once i extracted the case? ". Are you asking if it happened after extraction? in which case it could be somethign different.

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    thanks, i meant it happened in the chamber, think i will go up a grain?

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    The Vhit data suggests quite a narrow range for a similar set up - I'd go up 1/4 - 1/2 a grain at a time. You only need a couple of rounds of each to check for low pressure signs.

    Remember you'll now have residue inside the chamber as well which will affect the seal, so give it a good clean before you fire each round.

    Before you do that - if you've not full sized your once fired brass yet, just neck size it, that will also help with the seal.

    I had low pressure signs right through the load range at first, but after a couple of neck sizings only they went away, now my load is in the middle of the range.

    Enjoy the problem solving! You'll end up with a load that is spot on for you.


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    Just seen this, I had exactly the same problem a few weeks ago.

    The cause can be one of two things:

    1) too little powder.
    2) the bullet is not seated deep enough.

    I was experimenting with the OAL in my 6.5 and was trying different lengths, the shorter lengths were coming out nice and clean, but as I started getting to the longer ones, they cases started to become increasingly dirty!


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    It could also be the brass - how many times has it been reloaded? If the brass has been shot too often without annealing it can loose it flexability and consequently not expand to give a good seal.

    I would agree with Jonher though, most likely to be not enough powder.



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    Could be seating depth

    I had the same indications on a 125 gn .308 nosler BT. I was trying to seat it closer to the lands, but did not have enough bullet in the case. I pushed the bullet back into the Viht recommended OAL and the problem went away immediately.

    Good luck


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    Any idea how this happened

    1shot, Definitely low pressure (not obturating). I like Jonher found this when trying out 'Full length sizing'. It is mentioned somewhere on this site that bullet seating should be the same depth as the diameter of bullet. Hope this helps.

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    Looks like not enough neck tension causing poor obturation.

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