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Thread: ZEISS VICTORY RF 8 X 45 BINOS any good?

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    ZEISS VICTORY RF 8 X 45 BINOS any good?

    Thinking of investing in a pair of the above for all-round stalking binos (with the exception of hill stalking as I have a draw scope for that)
    Has anybody used or tried them, or better still does anyone own a pair if so what do you think of them?

    I was looking at the SWAROVSKI equivelent, but find myself coming back to the ZEISS binos..........

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    I have leica 8x42hd and i find them very good so the zeiss i dont think would be any different at low light they work very well that when they come into there own

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    I had a Norwegian out stalking with me last weekend who has a pair. They have been changed either 3 or 4 times now because of fogging as a result of leaking seals.

    the plus side is that Zeiss have exchanged without a quibble, the downside is the last time they leaked he had just arrived to begin a weeks stalking in Scotland.

    Funnily enough he had traded in a pair of Leica range finding bins for the Zeiss and said he now wishes he had kept them...

    I have no doubt he has been very unlucky and I'm not suggesting there is a general fault with them at all, just repeating what I was told. perhaps the Zeiss pro stalkers will know if there have been any issues with them???

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    I have had a pair for 2 years, i went to a local night vision open evening at a range and while there had a look at a few makes all under full moon on a frosty evening, in the end I bought the Zeiss, great for stalking and the RF works very well. I also use the at a range in Sennybridge to range targets out to 1300 yards ok, after that its hit and miss.

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    Had a pair for a while now, superb, never had any problems!

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    Fantastic... Had the Leica geovids before and much prefer the zeiss. They feel better in my hands. Also find the button controlled by the right hand better too, as is the ranging function.. More intuitive.. Press and hold the button to activate the ranging reticule and then release the button when on target to get the range rather than 2 clicks with the leicas.

    I tried the swaros at bisley live but found them a tad uncomfortable in the hands. Optically, I don't think there is anything in them.

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    Cheers gents looks i will invest in a pair of zeiss then, i have used both the Leica lrf's and Leica geovids but have to say I did find myself coming back to the Zeiss's!

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