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    variation querry

    good evening , looking at putting in a variation for 300 win mag for large deer and target but have mentor condition at the moment on my cert, i already have centrefire 243 for deer but would like to do a highland stalk . local force are devon and cornwall. many thanks,

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    If you could be more specific as to what your query is, I (and others) will do our best to help. If you are a BASC member then talk to the firearms team at HQs also.

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    sorry querry is as this is my first cert would this calibre be considered to be to large for a newcomer as i do not have a permission for that size but as i said would like the possibility of a paid type highland stalk. regards

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    The .300 Winmag is a powerful round but not uncommon. It has been authorised for numerous stalkers of larger deer species and I know several people who use it.
    Your licensing unit will look at whether you have a 'good reason' for acquiring this rifle. They will also consider whether they are satisfied that you can possess it 'without danger to public safety or the peace'. The latter is where your knowledge and experience will be looked into.
    Also in relation to target shooting you will need to establish whether your Home Office Approved shooting club's range has a safety certificate for the Winmag. Range safety certificates usually specify the maximum muzzle energy and the maximum muzzle velocity that can be used. For example the 22-250 exceeds the muzzle velocity for several ranges. So check that out for the .300 Winmag.
    If you currently have a 'mentor' condition imposed, one deduces that you have limited experience. It may be prudent to take some highland stalking, use an estate rifle and incidently gain experience and knowledge for the future. A professional stalker's positive reference would give a future application a good boost. Have a look at chapter 13 of the Home Office Guidance and that will give you an idea of how your licensing unit should view the various levels of cartridge.
    I hope this helps but feel free to keep the questions coming.

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    Good answer by Norm. I also know a few guys that used it. I don't think they do anymore! As said there are not many ranges that you can shoot them on now. They are also expensive to feed. It could be argued that there better/cheaper alternatives. This is the conclusion I came to!

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    The legal bit is easy. If you can show your FEO good reason then there is no reason why you cannot own a .300 Winmag, if the local constabulary consider you no danger in owning one.

    However, as you don't have the stalking experience to be using a .243 alone, don't have a club or permission to shoot it at then it will be difficult to satisfy your constabulary that your sole intention is to shoot deer in Scotland and not just to own a .300 Winmag because it is a head splitting Sniper rifle on your video game.

    This is not a common calibre for target shooting. Your club might book the odd day at Bisley to use it but that's a long way for you. I suspect some excellent evidence of having stalked larger species in Scotland or anywhere safely and willingness of the stalker who took you to take you again with a higher calibre weapon will be required.

    Get your foundation in place first. Do your DSC1 so you can show commitment to stalking. Get your mentor condition removed. Prepare a DSC2 style ledger of all the deer you shoot. Then to me you already sound like a better candidate.
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    As an aside, if your main requirement is to use it for stalking in Scotland, Why ?
    The .243 is perfectly adequate and has accounted for many many Deer in Scotland in the past.

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