Copied in from an earlier thread....

Thanks for your thoughts people, all useful things to work on. I was thinking 6.5-284 as an option but have been looking mainly at .308 until now.

I still maintain that the larger calibres are the way to go and this might have to shoot boar too so 6.5 might not quite be the one. Even more than calibre limitations the idea of a new barrel every 1000 shots if im lucky on something that will be a recreational tool to start with at least is not appealing!

However, it did make me look into the .284win. There are some impressive F class results coming out for it. looking at the bullets available they show the highest BC I can find of any VLD target bullets. In fact a 180 Berger VLD out of a .284 showed 35 inches less wind drift in 10mph sidewind and 100 inches less drop at 1000 yards than a 308 using a 168 grain target bullet. Not quite comparing apples with apples but impressive. No reason I can't load it down for stalking as IMHO and limited experience, extreme velocity reqd for the above target performance is the enemy of the stalker in terms of carcase damage. Plenty of bullet weight left to make up the reqd muzzle energy. Also with 175 gn RN it should comprehensively stop anyhting I'm likely to be able t aford to shoot at!

Has anyone got any practical experience of the .284? suitable twist rates and versatility for target use / stalking and all other purposes. Twist rate for heavy bullets are particularly of interest.

Thanks again. W