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Thread: maxi kite nightvision

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    maxi kite nightvision

    anyone know much about maxi kite prices etc been offerd one but bit pricy is the best night vision ive ever seen thou

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    Very Good, a good second hand one would cost around 3K.
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    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
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    i use a kite x4 for work,and they are one of the best around,but your right they are pricey,i would say if you can afford it you won't be disapointed,along with laser illuminator it is like day light,can you try before you buy,cheers

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    Nice scope but are very expensive. My friend not only had to get scope rails machined but also had to have his rifle bolt adapted to clear the scope.

    Try contacting swisher 44 (dave) I believe he has a maxi kite and knows of a supplier of same and lives local being in Wales.

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    going to stirr it hear kite cross hairs to big if purchasing one get the duch nato ret cross with hash marks uses old tecnoligey tubes eev have problems with front lense threads they ware out resulting in it shooting all over the place get a d480 or d760 with gen3 mx10160 tube will blow the kite out of the water half the waight hafe the size of the kite and can be mounted to eney rifle sorrey but when i worked for a night vision companey we done lots of work with them would not recomend one and i you purchase one ensure you have the paper work for your scope the mod has lost a lot of kites over the years and they want them back you have bean warned

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