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Thread: Fallow Rut ?

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    Fallow Rut ?

    Has anyone seen or heard any signs of the Fallow rut starting ?


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    Not yet mate we need a cold spell

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    Grunting and making scrapes in Herts for last 10 days. Just come back from Warwickshire and plenty of action, bucks fighting behind my seat last night.

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    Out this morning down in Sussex and heard the first grunting so far this year.

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    Out Saturday evening in Herefordshire had at least four bucks rutting around us. Sunday morning in the Cotswolds they were flat out sat in the truck waiting for it to get light I should every buck in the area was grunting fantastic feeling waiting for it to get light

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    Nothing on our patch(South Oxon) yet.

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    Was in the Cotswolds yesterday also, and there were plenty grunting away! I saw one big old bruiser of a buck holding 43 does!!!



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    Are they worth shooting given the stink?
    I would probably get the meat butchered to sell.

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    Shot an old fallow buck rutting Saturday night chasing does around, but he was going well back and wasn't really holding much body weight for the time of year. however saw a very nice buck today with a group of does and 3 prickets with them happily feeding along side each other.

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    I heard them grunting on Friday for the first time this year on my ground in Perthshire.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... it's just that yours is stupid!!

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