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Thread: 6.5 rounds

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    6.5 rounds

    Just got a 6.5x55 (pending the return of my certificate) and was wondering what people use through it.

    Munties, Roe and Fallow not long ranges

    Going to be reloading but initially will buy some factory rounds to get used to the rifle before playing about with it. Would ideally like to be able to find the ballistics and bullet drop etc like the federal site has.

    What weight and bullet type do people use and what brand.

    Not interested in the other calibres, ive bought the 6.5 so its too late!

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    I'm not planning to home load and have found that the Federal Powershok 140g does it all for me which is roe and red. It groups well in my Tikka T3 stainless synthetic.


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    Now settled on the 140gr Nosler Partition from Norma.

    Previously used 156gr Oryx. Have friends using the same round and 156gr Gamehead from Sako happily.


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    i have a t3 synthetic stainless, i use federal powershocks 140grain, 1st batch i had would group just under an inch for me, maybe less with someone else pulling the trigger, shot munties,red, fallow and roe with them, second batch i got and the grouping went up to about 2 inch and the point of impact was about 6 inches away from the old batch, so i think i'll be taking up reloading soon as i'm not happy with that and norma factory ballistic tip ammo is about 35 a box.

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    hi mossy-dog,

    I have a new tikka t3 lite 6.5 x 55 and am using 120gr Norma Nosler ballistic tip through it...
    Find they group well and as of yet havent had problems between batches as used the same bullet through my old 6.5 x 55 so mjjl's problem may have been a one off, i hope so although may be looking into home loading soon...
    Mainly shoot roe and they seem to do a good job without to much damage... shot only a few fallow but they dont tend to go very far either...
    hope you enjoy your new rifle... about 25 to 30 pounds a box from Raker Ltd Sussex...
    All the best...

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    Fed 140 gr. had about 20 boxes and all grouped under an inch only time it wandered was if I had cleaned the gun. seems good value

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    I use 120grain Barnes TSX, shot Roe , Muntjac, Fallow Sika big lowland Reds, Wild goat.

    Does the job for me! 8)

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    I reload with 120gn prohunters and do the job well on roe and red. Hopefully get to floor a sika thi year.


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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man
    I use 120grain Barnes TSX, shot Roe , Muntjac, Fallow Sika big lowland Reds, Wild goat.

    Does the job for me! 8)
    What are they like on targets?

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