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Thread: what's the current state of the Red/Sika rut?

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    what's the current state of the Red/Sika rut?

    Not had a chance to get out up north in a couple of weeks but I'm going to get a few days stalking in up north near Dalmally and up at Lairg, what's the state of the rut with the reds and sika generally?

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    What Sika rut?

    So far it has been a funny year, yet again. Apart from a fair bit of whistling I have seen tw stags doing a wee bit of play pushing around, standing 10m from a bigger stag among the 15 hinds around them. All stags are still feeding away, not seen one sniffing around the back end of a hind and no young stags or spikers have yet to look nervous when near a big one!

    I reckon it will kick in proper in November at this rate, or perhaps they are having just wee sneaky ruts among the trees out of sight...

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    Jammy do them tame deer you have there act differently during the rut

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    A lot of whistleing going on in Wicklow, and a fair few deer on the move.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    A lot of stags running around and roaring in the oban area,have been for 2 weeks.

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    I was speaking to the stalker I was with the first week of Oct. He said some of the stags had finished and were heading of whence they came. West highlands.

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