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Thread: 2 sika stags

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    2 sika stags

    Hi, I thought I wouldtell the tale of my trip to the Borders last Tuesday for Sika Stags. I haveshot 2 spikers and a small 8 pointer (just) on previous visits and know thereare better stags knocking about.

    I set off about lunchtime and after an uneventful drivearrived at the ground at 3pm. After changing into my hunting gear, a couple ofquick brews and feeding Jack my black lab I was ready. I decided to go straightinto one of the high seats that we had put up, rather than stalk and spot, as Iwanted to try calling and the seat overlooked a good piece of open ground, thatled out on to the hill. Conditions were nearly perfect and after getting intothe seat and letting things settle down for an hour I decided to call. I letout three blasts on the caller and waited 10 mins then let out another three. Isuddenly heard branches snapping behind me, something was moving quickly in my direction. My heart startedpounding and I could still hear movement, but off to my right. I got my rifleready and waited, suddenly a stag stepped out of the forest about eighty yardsto my right broadside, on and looked straight at me, he was a six pointer. Iput the cross hairs on his shoulder and squeezed the trigger, he leapt at theshot and ran straight down the hill to the stream and collapsed as hecrossed to the other side. It was goingto be a nightmare dragging him back up the hill which was pretty steep.

    I decided to have a cigarette and let things settle downagain, (including me), as it was stillearly and at the shot, I had seen some hinds and what I thought was a stag runinto a block of forest in the distance, from the hill. I waited half an hourand then called again. A spiker appeared out of the forest about 1000yds away,so I thought I would see if I could call him in and called again, out of thecorner of my eye I saw another stag appear about 100yds below him and this oneappeared to have large antlers. I called again and the large stag startedrunning towards me. He ran about 200yds then stopped and stared, so I calledagain and he set off at full pelt, he was fuming, he ran down the hill crossedthe stream, and ran up the other side,my heart was nearly bursting out of my chest with the excitement. He slowed toa walk and was now walking broadside on, looking for me. I now had a good lookat him , he was an eight pointer. He came to 130 yds when I whistled to stophim and took the shot. This one ran a few yards then dropped. I couldn’tbelieve my luck, two stags in one evening. I went to get Jack from the truckand let him find the two deer, so he got his workout.

    It was dark by the time I got them both back to the truckand I was exhausted, I was supposed to be stalking the following morning, butdecided to have a lie in and a potter about before I set off for home, seeingas it had been such a good evening.

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    Well done son,couldn't have happened to a nicer chap.


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    A cracking evening well done.

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    those are crackers well done,wayne
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    What a result, good looking animals and at least the dog got a good workout after the long journey!! Very exciting stuff !!

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    cracking animals well done

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    Eight pointer is a cracker well done, what call were you using?


    PS Good looking lab as well.

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    Thanks for all the comments, I was using a DJ Sika Deer call. It sounds really bad when you blow it, but it does the job.

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