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Thread: PPE at work

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    PPE at work

    Just an off deer topic question folks ,I work full time as a head groundsman as well as a part time keeper .obviously I work outside in all weather .as the grounds are at a private school I am required to be smart .i wear work trousers polo shirt and jumper ,overalls ,work boots ,shorts in summer all navy blue except the boots .
    we are expected to get these on a budget of 90/year ,so when on top of these items I acquired some waterproof trousers and coat at a cost of 49 over budget I was reprimanded for this .my argument was that under the health and safety at work act PPE is supposed to be free to employees and as I work outside in the great British climate we get wet from time to time ,my colleagues who work mainly indoors don't have to acquire ear defenders ,knee pads ,goggles,gloves and such like from the budget so why should I have to give in and purchase my wet gear from a small budget anyway .
    The wet gear was got on account so I am not out of pocket yet .
    sorry for the moan but I don't like getting soaked to the skin at half 7 in the morning unless I am after deer so perhaps any legal beagles may give me the benefit of their wisdom
    thanks in advance

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    ur spot on your employer is required to provide any and all ppe equipment.yhis is not optional and not controlled by a budget,if they are not happy with your choice of clothes they should just provide the equipment in the size you require are you in a union?

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    Yes I am in unite but and it is a but I am the only one in the estates dept that is ,teachers are expected to be but when I mentioned it before it was frowned upon but I joined anyway don't want to rock the boat but after ten yrs you would think that 49 was small cheese ,I even buy my own boots my dam Meindls are over 200 .

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    You shouldn't find it hard to find a relevent piece of guidance to shove under their noses, you are spot on and perfectly within your rights, I've debated the same with my employers, thankfully they saw the light......A conservation charity really ought to understand the need for good outdoor clothing wouldn't you think!

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    Your employer should provide all ppe free of charge this is for your safety and others around you , The 90 is for your uniform or dress code this is completely different to your ppe i would say your water proofs come under ppe if they dont provide this simply state you will only go outside when its not raining !
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    Standard issue for grounds maintenance is 5 t shirts, 2 trousers, 1 boots /trainers,1 fleece,2 sweat shirts, 1coat,1reflective vest, waterproof covers, ear defenders with visor, safety glasses. All inspected once a month and replaced foc if worn out and not lost. Try explaining the old adage buy cheap buy twice.

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    Just go on the HSE website and type in PPE rules its all there print it off and put a copy on the bosses deck it will help once he knows you know the law he will come around very quick .


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    90 a year..!!!
    i would not entertain buying the clothing I require and giving them the bill on that budget
    get your employer to supply you with the correct PPE as and when you need it and stick to your guns as much as you dare
    been there and still doing it
    remember you can't make/save them money if you can't work/manage to your full potential

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    Just show them this mate you are entitled to any form of ppe that you require to carry out your job.

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    i would be thrown off the job if i didnt have the correct ppe,

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