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Thread: Flying - Use of Estate/Loan Rifles!!

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    Flying - Use of Estate/Loan Rifles!!

    Never Again!!! just a wee bit of advice for what its worth, 6 trips abroad now last 10yrs, Poland, Hungary & Africa. Used my own gear, IE Rifle, Scope/ammo on 3. Last trip to poland, great direct flights that is the timings, price, etc. Flights with Ryan Air, no rifles!! The hunting primarily on foot in the pastures, theres been a huge crop of acorns this year, still falling as we stalked, the forests are littered with em. Standing corn, maize call it what you will was still in the feilds 1st week of october. Cutting to the chase, the Boar were out in the pastures "Rooting", very little joy in trying to draw them to the riddled "Corn" rides. My loan rifle was a 9.3 calibre of czech orgin, to be fair decent illumi scope on. Stalking on foot, shots useually needed to be taken quick off sticks in the 70-110 yrd range. The ammo cheap russian flat nosed gear, not sure of the name. Stalking under a full moon, the light was patchy, fairly cloudy clearing occasionally, useually when no Boar on the rides or the feilds(May be that was not just co-incidence). Results were not good, guides assured us no need to check rifles, they had zeroed early, wasnt happy but the light was fading and supper on, as was the pressure just to get on with it. " stalkers, me and my mate, 1st night what what poor, two boar seen, 1 missed, 1 hit but ran, found later 30 yards away just in the forest, though the guide said it had zig/zagged accross a feild for some 175yrd before dropping. 2nd night, large boar, guide estimated 95Kgs, well hit plenty "Claret" on the floor, but it ran and ran hard into standing corn. Morning after search (No Dog) blood trail well into the corn, an hour later, search called off, lost Boar, confidence shot to pieces.

    Guide checked zero on rifle, it was fair at best. Distinct reluctance to fire more then 1 at best two bullets?? Insisted i tried the rifle myself on the target. given 3 bullets to try, ended up asking for a couple more, given 1 then no more to hand The trigger pull was harendous, groups patchy to say the least, the "hair" trigger was lethal, simply very un-safe so normal trigger only option.

    5 hard nights huntin culminating in the 1 pig, 1 lost and two misses. On top of this a couple of occasions couldnt get into position sharp enough to take the shot,(again own gear may have made the difference) and a few occasions we were either winded or heard in advance.

    Enjoyed the trip, but it was greatly marred by fact that the gear we were useing we just wernt familier with, this created some doubt in our ability, the pressure was then on, the shooting wasnt good, and the experiance spoiled. The large boar lost i'm convinced with my own .308 and 150 gr Nosler partion bullet used previous, that pig woulndt have run or run half as hard. A half decent Dog available would or should have found that animal. Lesson hard learned, you cant beat you own gear, yes you can get bye, but it will cost you, it as cost me everytime, but this was the hardest. After the time off work, the cost of the trip, tips, etc. The saving on the flight & the conviniance of not bringing the rifle is simply not worth it. By no means a seasoned travelling hunter, but been a few times now and if was only allowed only one piece of advice for any fellow hunter contemplating a similar foray!! Take All your OWN gear, its worth every penny extra and every piece of red tape and minute it may take you to bring it along. On a positive note, I'm looking for a few days Driven,December or early next, anyone with any recommendations, all advice greatly received with thanks.

    Darz Bor!!!

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    100% correct. Anyone planning to travel to humt needs to plan their trips go ensure they can bring their own gear. This means owning suitable rifle, scope, flight case etc. Ths rifle should be in a unversally competent and available calibre - 30/06 or 7x64 - and preferably takedown. Scope should be best you can afford and generally useful 2-12x50 or 1.7-10x42 z6i's work for most jobs.

    Most of the gear available to hire/borrow is poor at best. Couple that with a lack of familiarity and your enjoyment is badly compromised.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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