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Thread: Are there any Land Agents or Rural property agents on SD?

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    Are there any Land Agents or Rural property agents on SD?


    I am currently looking at going to Harper Adams and studying either Rural Property Management or REALM (points depending). Are there any land agents or rural surveyers about who could provide more insight into the profession or have studies there??

    Please PM me if you could help?

    Thank you in advance


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    I spent 4 happy year's at Harper. Great uni and REALM isn't a bad course (i did environmental protection) a good few of my friends were on realm though and all ended up with decent jobs

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    I have just started my masters in Rural Estate management at the Royal Ag. College, and it seems really good if that helps! Nice bunch.
    I've also just started the RAC Sporting Rifle Club, so perhaps come here and take it over when I leave!

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    Thanks, im mainly looking at Harpers and the Rural Property Management course. Having known quite a few people at Harpers i know what id enjoy the campus.

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    So no land agents ect on SD then...........

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    I was one. Saw the light and now do something else!
    Seriously its a great career, but the caveat is that most of my mates who were doing it had private income streams and lived of those. Those of us who didnt found it hard work, plus we were expected to milk our farming mates for jobs etc, which I wasnt comfortable with.
    I did the P course at Ciren and loved it, and made life long friends.
    I think out of the 20 of us, perhaps 6 are still surveying and we only did it 7 or 8 years ago

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    I started out as a rural surveyor, unfortunately, as has been mentioned the jobs are few and far between. I still work as a surveyor but almost all of my work is now commercial, I now work as a portfolio manager.

    As a firm we take in chaps for work experience throughout the year, the best thing I can suggest is to have a ring around some local firms and ask if you could do so work experience. It will be unpaid but you will get a good insight into it. If you were closer you would be welcome to come out with me (even though it's commercial) but Kent is a bit far from you.

    I hope that helps, pm me if I can be of any other help. You can always try the RICS website.

    Best Jonno

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    I was brought up in Edgmond where Harper is based and there's no doubt the students enjoy the social side! I wanted to be a rural surveyor but was advised by several people in the know that unless I had several landed connections it would be difficult to break into so similar advice to the above. I went down the commercial surveying route. Hope this helps.

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    I started down the land agent route many moons ago, then went into keepering and ended up a forester ! Much of my present work is pretty much land agency.

    many of my mates are land agents, good job not the best paid, often good perks. In Scotland the residential side of things is in a bit of a low but Estate work is busy enough, Renewables, public buyouts etc have been lucrative for Rural Practices.

    Go for it!

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    Thanks for everyones comments.

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