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Thread: Political correctness - unbelievable

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    Political correctness - unbelievable

    I can't get over this, so I have to vent my disgust at how far political correctness has gone !

    my wife returned home from collecting our 3 year old from nursery the other day and informed me that we are not allowed to teach the child ..... Wait for it ....... Ba ba black sheep !!!!!

    The staff at the nursery say they are not allowed to sing it anymore, instead they have to sing... "ba ba spotty sheep " !!!!!!

    i am in no way racist, but come on, what has the world come to !

    i hasten to say my 3 year old will be encouraged to stick with tradition and continue with the version we all know and grew up with !

    rant over, hope I haven't offended anyone

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    We sing baa baa black sheep all the time - my 3 year old girl loves sheep!
    And we will continue to sing with the traditional lyrics.

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    agreed here!!!.................mine werent allowed to do "eany,meany,miney mo"!!!!!.......................RUBBISH!!!!

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    I understand what you mean. I work for thr private sector as registered manager and support people with severe learning difficulties, inc ADAD, EBD, mental health and other forms of diagnosis etc..
    Everyword that comes from my mouth can and is clearly monitered as to whether it is PC or not, I am under severe presure at all times to speak PC.
    Most of it is set, to not to up set anybody.
    This is a climate that we live in, I personal blame the press for thses on goings.
    When, if I have to deliver PC training it is quite amusing as some folk sound double dutch.
    PC is not about being PC or correct its about being in a blame culture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2130martin View Post
    agreed here!!!.................mine werent allowed to do "eany,meany,miney mo"!!!!!.......................RUBBISH!!!!
    Well, if it is the rhyme I remember it went

    Eenie, meenie, miney, mo
    Catch a
    (insert word that rhymes with "bigger") by the toe
    If he screams, let him go
    Eenie, meenie, miney mo.

    So I can see how it might just cause the teensiest wee bit of offence!

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    mrs foxxer was xmas shopping in plymouth last year and in one store she saw golliwogs for sale cant remember what they were listed as but she remarked to
    her freind how when she was a kid she used to save the ones on robertson jam and send off for an enameld one the bimbo on the till butted in and tried to chastise mrs foxxer
    bout the use of the word [not a good move] but yeah wots the world coming to in a minute or two spongebobe squarepants will get kicked into touch cos he yello

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    my neices school will no longer celebrate halloween , as its deemed a pagan festival ,the kids have to dress all in one colour !!( dont ask me why )

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    I think the fundamental problem is that we now live in a country where a small but significant percentage of the population spend all day every day waiting to be "offended" to see if there is something in it for them.

    In my view (assisted by the late Frank Zappa) the freedom to cause offence is a much more important liberty than the freedom not to be offended, especially when your full time occupation is "being offended."
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    Get this. My two kids, 5 and 8 go to the same school.
    They are
    1. Not allowed to play out in the rain at playtime
    2. Not allowed to put their packed lunch rubbish in the bin, they have to bring it home.
    3. The new head teacher has banned all competitive sports games as she doesn't think they're good for kids

    So it looks like were bringing up office working kids who can't live without air conditioning and with with no drive to compete in what can be a crappy world. A place where you've gotta have your head screwed on, compete for every job you want and if needs be ( heaven forbid ) work in the horrible stinky outdoors.

    One father in an inner city recently got told he couldn't watch his own sons sports day because he hadn't completed the schools CRB check. I'd have gone absolutely ballistic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scots_stalker View Post
    my neices school will no longer celebrate halloween , as its deemed a pagan festival ,the kids have to dress all in one colour !!( dont ask me why )
    Will they be cancelling Christmas as that date was a pagan festival?

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