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Thread: sons first roe buck

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    sons first roe buck

    well i have had a great couple of days with my son.
    on sat i took him out for his first go at fighting geese in the morning.
    got to the butts and sat for maybe 5 min when the first skein came straight over him he sat and listened to what i said and waited until i gave him the call to shoot, any way when they were at the right spot he jumped up with my bennelli loaded with 46gram 3inch number 3"s first shot clean kill second shot clean miss. i was made up for him and over the moon, with that another skein came and the same line and once again he waited for me to say when and up he jumped and did the same again first shot kill second shot missed!
    so that was it 5 mins and 2 geese down, so of we went headed back to the polaris and continued to carry on our rounds feeding the pheasants.
    on our route round i spotted 3 roe in one of the gamecrops 1 was a young buck and the others were 2 does.
    i suggested that if he wanted we could try and get the young buck over the next couple of days as he was on school holidays .
    anyway we tried a stalk on Sunday evening but the wind was all wrong and never got with in a postion for a shot.
    anyway after thick fog all this morning it finally lifted at lunchtime so early afternoon whilst on the rounds of the estate i spotted the beast in the crop and suggest we try a different approach and stalk in from the top of the wood.
    so drove to a point about half a mile away and had the wind into our face spot on , we stalked around the first wood and got to about 250 yards from the crop and spied down into the crop and the 3 beast were still feeding away. so we had to crawl about 50 yards to get to an old quarry where we could get to a high point for a possible shot( two fences between us and the buck)
    any way got to the quarry and got in postion.
    now he has shot the .243 tika a few times at targets and the 30.06 too, also he shoots alot of rabbits with the 17hmr when we are lamping so he knows the score.
    anyway he got into postion and had to wait prob 5 min for the buck to stand broadside, when it was in a safe broadside postion he squeezed of a round, the beast jumped and ran 15 yrds to the fence on the edge of the wood and ran into the wood.
    he turned to me and said he felt sure he had hit it i said leave it for a couple of min and we would take a look.
    we paced it over to where the beast was feeding and it was 170 yrd.
    anyway he looked about and found big lumps of pink frothy blood i let him follow the trail into the sitka spruce wood and 10 yard in the re was the white rump laid on the ground.
    he looked at me and crept up to it any way it was dead and he was chuffed to bits and to be honest i was over the moon.
    he has stalked with me for years and seen me kill hundreds of deer so it was great to see him have a go and succeed.
    so thats it he wanting to get a few more under his belt and wanting a few to go on the wall!Click image for larger version. 

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    Cracking effort, the lad did good! He'll never forget his first!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Well done that man , a memory that will stay with you both forever. I spend alot of time out in the field with my son and we love every minute of it. A good result


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    Well done both of you . Hope to get my youngest daughter her first fallow this season.

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    One you never forget well done to you both, if you look backa couple years in my post I had the first wih my lad moments to treasure.

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    exellent ,pleased for you both, atb wayne
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    excellent make the most of it while you can they grow up so quick
    miss my son terrible . regards pete .

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    Well done gaj bet the young yins made up with that one! Oh and that game plot looks like bowling green lol

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    Fantastic, the first of many I hope
    Well done to the young man!!


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