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Thread: Anyone on the forum work for or with minox ?

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    Anyone on the forum work for or with minox ?

    If anyone on here works for minox could they contact me via pm , I've tried by emailing the website email address to no avail . And I'm fed up with waiting now . (3 weeks)
    I'd be really gratefull

    P.s has anyone got a tin hat , I think I'm goona need one with all the " should of bought Swarovski , zeiss , Leica binos " flak coming my way

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    I emailed them when I got some binoculars and they were very helpful. I will PM you a couple of email addresses.`

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    Don't Zeiss own Minox now or is it just another interweb rumour? should be ok if its true.
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    the devon deer stalker is sponsored by minox he may be able to point you in the right direction
    atb tom

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    Did you get anywhere with this? I know the Sales Director, so PM me if you need details.

    Alternatively, try Sentry Trading (Sentry Trading Home Page) as I believe they are the UK Distributor

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    Have been meaning to update this . They got the bit sent out to me after emailing the uk product guy . Free of charge and very quick . Well chuffed

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