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Thread: Save some money

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    Save some money

    Not stalking related but 3 x money saving apps for iPhone / android smart phone

    1) what's app - send free messages including photo & video to other what's app numbers

    2) viber - as above but free phone calls even works abroad

    3) 0800 wizard - where it usually costs to phone 0800 numbers from a mobile this directs the call through a standard number

    The apps cost a few pence to purchase but once installed can save

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    wats app will also work abroad as long as wifi available i used it from turkey


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    There's some clever feckers about int'there?
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

    Good deals with ~ deako ~ sakowsm ~ dryan ~ 2734neil ~ mo ~ riggers ~ mmbeatle ~ seanct ~ an du ru fox

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    I would use the first two apps quite a lot, the company I work for is an it security company and doesn't like viber as your contacts are available in the cloud etc. this isn't a massive problem for me as most of my contacts are hunting related and the rest you wouldn't get any sense out of them if you called them

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