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Thread: Greetings one and all

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    Greetings one and all

    Hi there,
    I live in the Kent/Sussex/Surrey borders.
    I have been shooting for 30 years but only got involved in stalking in the last 4. That's what happens when you marry into a family surrounded by farms.
    I completed my DS1 and bought my .243 which is perfect for roe in and around Bath. I now also use a .308 and have my .17 hmr for rabbits etc. I even use an air rifle for the right ground.
    I certainly enjoy the sport and look forward to finding some local land close to me.
    Any tips and pointers would be gratefully received.

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    Welcome to SD

    Wow you live on more borders than me!!

    Regards Steve

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    Welcome to the site steve. I live in Kent and have the same problem as you. I am still searching hard.

    Good Luck


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    Welcome to the site Steve,

    Good to see another guy from the South East joining...

    All the Best


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