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Thread: Steyr pro hunter Mk2 .243

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    Steyr pro hunter Mk2 .243

    Well the time has come after all these years, Ive decided to hang my hat up and sell up. Its taken a long time to come to this decision but here goes. Up for grabs is my Pro hunter Mk2 stainless & synthetic,single set trigger, Re-Enforced stock to eliminate flex that some of these rifles suffered with. Its complete with 8x56 schmidt scope, flip up covers, T8 reflex mod, Warne mounts and sling, This rifle is in mint condition and is extremely accurate, In fact id go as far as saying this is probably the most accurate rifle ive owned. Mint condition bore, comes with 3 boxes of RWS 100 grain ammo.

    Im in south derbyshire so collection from my address is preferable please
    if you require pics then email me your address and i will send them over

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    Sorry gents not for sale now, decided to keep it in the cabinet and see how things pan out

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    Good on you.
    As the saying goes
    " you can pry my gun out of my cold dead hand "

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    Good you are now a member of the steyr club

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    Been reading you posts of late Fester. Glad to read you have now decided to leave your rifle in the cabinet. Think it's the right choice.
    Atb Gaz

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    Good for you Fester


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fester View Post
    Sorry gents not for sale now, decided to keep it in the cabinet and see how things pan out
    , well done that man, it will eat no meat, but it might provide some meat, so to speak

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