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Thread: Time to hang my hat up

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    Time to hang my hat up

    Well after many many sleepless nights thinking about this ive decided its time to hang my hat up and sell up.
    I would just like to say a big thank you to some fellow stalkers on here that ive had many a good laughs with over the years, Malc, andy, wadas, You know who you are Had some excellent trips with these guys and some memorable evenings at the table and scotland. A trip that i think all of us will remember..........
    Lack of shooting ground, enthusiasm and money has ultimately made my decision to do call it a day, ive been thinking it over and over for probably the last 2 years now. Ive been stalking for many years now and have had some cracking experiences so thank you to these 3 guys ive mentioned, I actually took andy out for his first stalk after i met him in my local chippy even tho we drew a blank.........
    Well its happening now so if you fancy a top notch rifle combo take a look at my advert in the classifieds. Ask anyone who knows me how well i look after my rifle and youll end up with a superb mint outfit.

    Thanks again Malc, Andy, & the old tea drinking whippet walking flat cap wearing Wadas. Keep stalking chaps and think of me when your all together again
    The one and only FESTER

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    hope i never get to where your at bud i want to drop dead on the hill but enjoy what ever you get in to next mate youl still have the memores all the best from a felow stalker

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    Sorry to hear you're selling up mate, the guys will be gutted! If its any consolation 'is your mother in?' is still a favourite story told to all Scotland newbies in the Manse and this year was no exception!

    Stay in touch and you never know, maybe some day the spark will reignite.

    all the best,


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    Wow Fester, that sounds horrendous!
    Almost like a note left by someone planning not to come back.....ever! Bet you wouldn't be able to resist an invite after a year or two away from it.
    It's in the blood. We have no choice in the matter!
    All the best

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    Don't do it just leave the gun in the cabinet and do something else for a year then see how you feel !

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    Sorry to hear you are selling up ,saw your rifle on classifieds one thing I noted was how accurate you said the steyr was and as they get so much stick on here thought it was worth a mention as I and a few others love the steyr .
    good luck with what ever you decide to do in the future and the sale of the 243 .
    kind regards

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    Well fester what can i say ? Im gutted that it is coming to this mate, i know you havent done any for a couple of years now. i will never forget going for my first ever stalk with you (remember the bottle ) ?
    If i had ground of my own where i could take someone on you would be invited in the first instance buddy, one day it will happen and you will be getting a phone call.
    like you have said about your kit there is nobody who looks after there equipment more than you and someone will get a set up like its just come out of the box.
    keep in touch mate, and like i said a few weeks ago if your up our way on that moped of yours the kettles on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    Don't do it just leave the gun in the cabinet and do something else for a year then see how you feel !
    +1 on that, maybe try some photography!?

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    Wow Nick
    that is serious bad news
    i hav just spent 2 hours last night trying to persuade a good mate not to sell all his guns and hand in his ticket
    i will say the same to you
    keep your ticket and guns unless you need the cash
    if you need to get out and fuel the fire then come sit in one of my highseats
    even if just for a fox , the offer is there 7 days a week mate
    but it is your decision in the end
    sad day alround and I wish you the best on how you proceed


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    Well I am 79 now and partially sighted but I am keeping my FAC of 61 years and still getting a shot or two now and then.
    I recently bought a CZ550 .243 and brewed up a few bullets for it , some with 75gr V.Max. and some with 70gr Nosler Ballistic Tips.
    Nine shots were in a group of 3/4 of an inch with one making the max.spread one inch overall.
    I gave up my local Roe lease this April after being there for over 26 years.
    Losing my driving licence due to Glaucoma and impending blindness three and a half years ago has damped my spirits but I am not giving up.


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