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Thread: Schmidt Bender 5-25x56 MSR Reticule

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    Schmidt Bender 5-25x56 MSR Reticule

    OK Chaps... wasn't going to do this but I'm just being silly... Sold my Sako TRG recently and was going to keep hold of this for..... well... I don't know really... I don't really have much time to invest in target shooting and just want to concentrate on my stalking now and the small amount of target shooting I do, I can do with my Blaser. Although this scope could easily lend itself to stalking and be a multiuse piece of kit, I am happy with my rail mount Z6i on my R8.

    Soooooo.. I'm selling my 'as new' illuminated S&B PMII 5-25x56 with MSR reticule. 1 click = .1Mrad or 1cm @ 100M

    It is a 1st focal plane scope to allow the ranging functions of the reticule to work at any magnification. I had this on order from Finnaccuracy for over 6 months and it was the first of it's kind in the UK and is probably one of only a few not in military hands to this day. about 18 months old and seen approx 300 .308 rounds sat atop my TRG.

    Absolutely incredible piece of kit.... see here...

    This will now cost you 2500 plus shipping direct from FinnAccuracy or a standard PMII plus another 400 for a factory fit of the reticule.

    I will let this go for 1,899 which is an absolute bargain! will also leave the butler creek front cover and accucover flip up on it.... and include a padded scope cover which I've never used!

    She currently is housed in a Sphur 4601 Pic rail mount with built in 20MOA elevation. The sphur mount is a beautiful piece of enginieering. I bought it direct from Spuhr of Sweden although, if I am correct, Open Season are now importing them. Whichever way you did it, it would cost well in excess of 300 to get one of these into the UK.

    I would like to sell the scope and mount together and will take 2,099 for the pair... that will then be a case of fasten it to your pic rail and you will be on paper if not close to zero!

    If sold separately, I would want 200 for the mount.

    Bank transfer prefered but will take PayPal... AT YOUR EXPENSE I can't afford to take another 100 spanking on the deal in PayPal fees. Will also take cash if you can collect


    Sold to Shooter79 pending payment
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