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    does anyone here know if it is cheaper to buy products made by Harkila etc on european web sites? is it possible and is it cheaper? i no there is no import tax on stuff bought within the EU.

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    I don't think its cheaper to buy it from sweden. We have 25% vat here.
    The exchange rate is about 12sek to the pound. I have noticed that it has gone up in price over the last year. The SEK is weak against the Euro
    I have a lot of Härkila gear ,very good quality stuff

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    jesus 25% thats what Gordon Brown will be aiming for if we dont manage to kick him into touch at the next election! thought it was worth a try as its manufactured there i thought it may well be cheaper. is there an ebay in Sweden? mite be worth looking on there for stuff?

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    I don't think much of Härkila gear is made in Sweden. I was told that it comes from across the Baltic. We Don't have ebay here but you can try look under Jakt & fiske. Hours of fun trying to work out what it says in Swedish

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