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Thread: 300 win may

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    300 win may

    Wanted neck sizer die in 300 win mag

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    I have a set of Lee Collet dies which includes a collet neck sizing die. How about 20 + post ono
    Regards Jeffrey

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    Tommy, you have PM

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    Should make them a bit cheaper than that factory stuff eh Tommy?

    What was it for that box of Norma you bough up in Scotland?

    Hope your keeping well fella.

    All the best.


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    hi jim hope you are well mate,55 a box just finnished my 4th box yes expensive but its only money,back to scotland last week for 3 days = 3 stags well pleased looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the gang at the 1st opportunity atb tommy

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    If your ever down this neck of the woods Tommy, there's always a cuppa waiting for you.

    Take care and enjoy your trip up over the border. Lets see some pics if you get a chance.

    all the best.


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