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Thread: Another great couple of days at Holkham

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    Another great couple of days at Holkham

    Ally H and I just returned from another great couple of days at Holkham.
    Great stalking, a smattering of luck on my part (4 outings, 4 deer), plenty of learning (butchery course and guiding) and sackfuls of banter.
    All in all, 3 muntjac does, 1 muntjac buck and a roe buck.
    Here's how the roe stalk went:

    The stalk began through quite a few open fields with only hedgerow cover and the occasional area of long grass/ground cover. Having seen nothing across the many fields stalked we made our way into the woods where, after 300m, we spotted a roe buck making its way through the trees. The roe stepped into the ride approximately 40m away. It maintained a forward facing stance for some time, taking some steps forward but not presenting a suitable shot. Then, turning slightly and about to head into the woods again it presented a quartering shot. I took the shot and the roe jumped into the air, legs kicking out behind followed by the deer bolting into the undergrowth. The deer ran for quite some distance before disappearing and I prepared to follow the trail.
    Following the blood trail was at times easy, at times very, very hard. The trail seemed to go hot, cold, hot, cold… and sometimes the only way to move forward was by using other clues such as pulled brambles (upside down leaves) and scuffles on the floor of the wood. After about 50m and 10-12 minutes the roe was located.
    The shot looked good and it was evident just why the blood trail was so patchy – due to the quartering shot the wound was only “open” when the deer’s right leg was back and in-line with the chest wound.
    All in all a very exciting stalk.

    Thanks to Glyn & team.

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