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Thread: medal cast antlers

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    medal cast antlers

    last year i shot a munty with a very lagre head but on getting up to it it had cast its antlers on hitting the floor i now have the head boiled out and i am going to stick the antlers back on will i be able to still get it measured.

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    Good question.

    I'm sure someone on the Site can give you the 'official' view, but I can't see why not, as I've had shoulder-mounted heads measured before after the taxidermist had completed them.

    Taking along two antlers and a skull as 3 separate pieces might raise a few eyebrows though......


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    I dont see why not. When they measure the trophy, I am sure the emphasis is on the antlers.

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    The answer is NO .

    C.I.C. formula `SCOREDATA` 1 column A states `Inside Span between Main Beams`

    HWH. .

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    Blimey CWD
    you shoot something as big and can't get it measured
    teach you

    there are not many people i know who can say they hav shot a potential british record but will hav to dump it
    better luck next time

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    it wasn't a head shot at 160yds that knocked them off was it

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    If all the other measurments came to just below Gold the width between beams could be adjusted to bring it in couldn't it
    You could hold your arms out in the same fashion that fishermen do when decribing the one that got away

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    I recon you had glued a pair of Roe antlers on its head

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    another question if i had a head with the tip broken off could i graft another antler on and get measured.

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