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Thread: Illumi Scope, Low light Hunting & Driven!! advice Please.

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    Illumi Scope, Low light Hunting & Driven!! advice Please.


    Having just returned from a some what frustrating 5 days in Poland, I am now in the market for a new scope. Only 3 in the running as far as i'm concerned, Swaro, Zeiss and S&B. However, the choice is still bewildering. Any advice greatly appreciated. My UK stalking is predomiently Roe & Sika. To-date i have never done "Driven", but thats on the next to-do list!! Its an expensive choice to get wrong, hopefully someone can from experiance offer some advice as to this "Duel" role scope, if indeed there is one out there that fits the bill. I should add, i didnt take my own gear to Poland, used "Estate". Never again, but thats a different thread. Currently i use a S@B 2.5x10x56(Non ilumi), its certainly adequate for the majority of my stalking,though i'm not sure how it would fair for Driven, likewise the reticule in the scope as quite "Thin" lines,again i'm not sure they would fade into the darkness at the death so to speak. I'm sure anyone on here whom as had any experiance of Stalking Boar at night will vouch, take your UK "Its time to jack up stalking time" and times this by 2. The poles literally will hunt in virtually no light at all, if not in the forest then on the feilds. It all makes for exciting stuff, but I'm convinced a quality ilullmi Scope is the way forward here. My only reservation is that once i try Driven, that may then be the majority of my "Hunting Hols" for the future, that said I would still take the occasional foray into the night for that elusive "Dzik".

    Thanks very much in advance.


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    I often shoot wild boar when some people cant even see anything in their binos. Sometimes illuminated dot helps, but often does not and I see better when it is switched off. It helps in full moon when animals are well lit and appear greyish light in the scope instead of black. It just goes down to practice and experience, often there is a shadow under the boar and people tend to shoot low.
    You dont have to have scope for driven boar and open sights are often better for novice than any fancy scope.
    I have 2.5-10x56 from S&B, shoot 3-12x56 from Zeiss and similar from Swarovsky, always preferred Zeiss, but your eyes might be different.
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    I can't comment on the boar suitability but I have had problems this year with fine reticle and loosing it on dark backgrounds, I had a new z6 early this year for a mix of stalking and foxing, in normal light no issues but I missed a few foxes at half reasonable ranges in either low light or on the lamp. No idea why and rifle kept zero when checked, one night after missing another I tried a mates Victory with the 60 ret and just illuminated dot and well the difference was massive. Shot 3 that night no issues and the difference was that you can get on the target so much faster and more positively. With the wait for one I didn't get a victory but a Z6i and certainly haven't been disappointed what is very good is the ability to dim the illumination as well as having a night and day setting. Overall I reckon it will suit you but as ever it probably helps to try one and make your own mind up.

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    As I said previously when you posted a similar question you need to look at Nickel:

    It might be worth getting in touch, explaining your problem, and seeing what they say. The answer is unlikely to be cheap but I think you can be confident in its performance. In terms of low light performance I would place Zeiss 2nd to Nickel and I would guess that their euro people would also have experience of the situation you detail, though maybe not their UK stalkers, and if I couldn't afford Nickel then I'd go the Zeiss route.

    Whatever you do, don't spend big money until you've had a look at Nickel.
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    Thanks Guys, much appreciated. My S@B scope is on Apel swing off mounts, so removing it without loss of zero is a no brainer. Ironically glogin i was only thinkin the same my self, that is "Iron sites" only for Driven. Its possible i'm being swept along like many others with the constant "Media" hype over Driven scopes. Has i say i have yet to experiance any Driven hunting, however from the Youtubes and DVD's i have seen, the distances look relatively close in most cases i would say under 70yrds, under 25 yrds in quite a few i've seen. I was thinking you would not think twice bout useing a your shot-gun on a crossing rabbit or hare at such distances, appreciate we are talking about a single bullet but the principle is surely the same. Scopes are for accuracy at distance arnt they? and in my book for animals that are stationary or as near as dam it. Cutting to the chase, You appear to have the same if not a very similar scope to me, have you ever used this scope for boar hunting at night? Just for clarification, we were hunting under the full moon in Poland, however the weather wasnt good on most nights, heavy cloud meant that whilst some light was ommited it was greatly reduced, occasionally Lunar showed her head, but Sods law rarely when there were boar on the feilds. The Forest was almost a waste of time, they have had a huge crop of Acorns, likewise a very dry summer or so i'm told, the Corn as been left still standing in many feilds, normally it would have been harvested by now, the rain i think held back until our trip, Sods law!! The Boar we stalked were out in grass pasture or on the cut feilds between the corn occasionally. Pasture was the most likely places to find them, they were rooting in the grass following the rain. The guide stated that he thought they were merely looking for something different to eat, so much food around with the crop of Acorns and standing corn, they couldnt be drawn at all to the corned riddled rides, we saw very little sign of fresh tracks on the corned rides. The shots needed to be longer then useual, the nights were quite, little wind, plenty cloud and what Boar were out You stalked in as close as you dare, the shots being at least 70 but occasionally over 100yrds, nearly always off sticks, the Poles are at least the ones i have hunted with dont trust the safety of Pods due to the flat land and surrounding villages peppered round the hunting areas. I think you may have made my mind up gloglin, for my first driven foray, i will of coure take the scope along, but hopefully get an opurtunity to practice beforehand and go with the iron sights. Guess that me now only thinking about investing in an illuminated scope, wots the odds next time i go all the more will be in the forest, and the shooting under 70yrd from an high seat !! that said the illum scope may come in handy for the Sika and likewise if ever I stalk boar again on foot. Any advice on a good illumi scope appreciated, or do's anyone think my S@B 2.5x10x56 is good enough and i'm merely contemplating a lot of money for little gain. Cheers

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    I shot 3 last full moon in Poland using 2.5-10x56 S&B. It is illuminated, but never had to turn it on. I stalked all to 50m and closer. I shot all off sticks, 90% of my shots whether here or there is off stcks anyway. Your S&B at 2.5x is good enough for driven boar but if there is a lot of cover open sights are much quicker. Depending where you go in Poland, there is usually "PZL" rifle range nearby and all have driven boar setup you can practice with and without scope see what its like.

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    Caorach, thanks for the heads up again, not familier with Nickel, certainly look & sound the business but a little to "rich" for me. The Victory could be worth a look. Its just a question of balancing how many times i will need too use it against the costs, spech when you throw in a set of Apel rings, the costs of which are just silly for what they are!!

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    Why dont you get yourself something like the Burris FastFire red dot rifle sight. They don't cost a huge ammount of money and as you say you can whip off your normal sight without losing zero and fit on the FF red dot. I got one on Ebay from America it was the FastFire 111 with 3moa red dot for 130 with the tax and postage it was still under 160.

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    As a crossover scope I have a 3-12x50 Zenith flash dot with precision hunter turrets. will do from 3m to 400m.
    For close range and running game I almost prefered the Kaps 2.5-10x50 optically, just seemed quicker to pick up and focus on the target.
    Check out the Kaps range, excellent quality at half ok prices.


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