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Thread: First Buck on new ground !!!

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    First Buck on new ground !!!

    I got a new permission a few weeks back because the dear were damaging the tree's in my garden so off I trotted to my neighbouring farmer to tell him I was going to give Mr Buck his last rights and my last tree.
    The farmer has quite a few deer on his ground and I always thought he liked them as nobody ever shot there but on mentioning shooting them he said he had tried for the last 2 years to get someone to thin them out but he had no takers so I quite galantly volunteered.
    I have been out morning and night trying to get this buck but he never presented a good safe shot , I went out last night and sat and watched him for 2 hours on the tree line but no shot came. So this morning at 11 being bored I went for a walk with my rifle just to see what was going on and as I came down towards the wood I saw Mr Buck running for cover, I got my self set up ina ditch and waited ,2 hours later the farmer started spreading fertiliser in the feild behind the wood so I thought never see Mr Buck again today so proceeded to pack up but as I was walking along the bottom of the wood I spotted something in the tree line . I was not being very discrete but I dropped to the ground and got the bino's out to watch Mr Buck as bold as brass munching his way along the treeline about 90 to 100 yards in front of me .
    I had waited for for a couple of hours now so I sat a while longer waiting for him to present me with a safe shot which he did.I got him with a text book shot to the engineroom destroyed the lungs and straight through the heart he ran about 40 yards leaving a good blood trail to follow.
    So it just goes to show that patience does have it rewards !!!

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    Great result with the farmer karl and a great looking buck.
    Hope with the result he invites you back regularly
    Well done fella

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    well done mate i think its nice when you have to work a bit for a kill as it makes you that much more thankfull

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    spot on m8 8) nice buck

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    Nice story Karl and a good write up.

    Good Luck


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    A good start.


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    karl nice write up and pictures well done on the permission
    pete .

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    Nice write-up and nice photos. Well done on the buck, it's nice when everything comes together


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    Good write up & pics Karl, that was a nice buck to take on your new permission.


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