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Thread: New member - A bit of background.

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    New member - A bit of background.

    Hello all,
    I'm new, no posts yet but have enjoyed the site so far.
    Been around long enough to enjoy the seventies and have shot since age 11, when life seemed somewhat simpler.
    Member of a game shoot (DIY) in Cheshire, I carryout part -time keepering and vermin control as part of that.

    Presently have a .22lr, .223, and a few shotguns, rifle shooting goes back to age 12 when, accompanied by my dad, we borrowed the farmers pump action .22 to weed out a few of the immense number of rabbits around then !
    Just had my renewal confirmed and have added a .17 Hornet (dont like the Savage so waiting for CZ) and also a .243 for deer.
    I'm doing accompanied stalking with one of the contributors on the forum and I have yet to decide if a .243 or a 308 is best for me but have looked at some very nice .243's advertised on here by a distinctly pleasant series of members. Just checking an issue with the Police before I decide.
    Nice to meet you all and thanks to Oly for his gun safe which I collected recently - very nice too.

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    Welcome to the site you wont go far wrong with a 243 to start with but the 308 is a great round also especially with a mod !

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks 375Mag - its a choice at the moment - if the land I shoot is cleared for fox using a .243 then I'll get one but if not, I cant get rid of my .223 so will go for a .308.
    Thanks for the welcome !

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