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Thread: if you had 5K

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    if you had 5K

    if you had 5K to spend on a bolt action rifle for non DG, not including Blasers, what would you buy? assume that whatever you don't spend of your budget cannot be spent elsewhere and is not retained by you..

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    I would go and have a chat with mr Bowers at precision rifles

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    A Sauer with the highest grade timber going, in 7x64 I think. Or a Kipplauf in 6.5x57.

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    Would have to be a HEYM with high grade wood and nice engraving to the action body etc probably in .30-06 with Swarovski Z6i oh and cased, perhaps I have gone over the budget a little but what the hell it is nearly Christmas you only live once and above all I reacon I deserve it.
    Not sure I would fancy a Blaser any way
    The ORDNANCE QF 18 pounder Field Gun......I wonder if they will let me have one of these on an open ticket

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    I would go to the US, try out lots of different rifles on a range until i had enough money left to buy the cheapest .22lr available.

    Or, a Sauer 202 takedown with some nice wood. In 7x64 again.

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    rpa Rangemaster 50 as in a 50 bmg because thinking big is the way of the future. Lets be honest because you would if you could.

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    Valkyrie custom with border barrel that's what I'm looking at in the future seen one in the flesh and never seen anything like it

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    AI AX might be ordered next week.

    Stalking rifle the colour case hardened sauer on guntrader is beautiful
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    I was out with my mate stalking at the weekend, he was stalking with one of these in 338LM.

    He had a Barrett moddy on it (They are made by Hardy in NZ) I was most impressed; it was very light and the moddy was effective. He said it is the most accurate rifle he has ever owned and he has had a few including custom and Clatter boxes. He brought it to us on plains game in Africa but also has it for UK quarry on the back of Africa being its primary use.

    The other would be a Lynx straight pull, I just love the way that the cross bar locks the bolt, so simple but so strong.


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    a nice Heym custom safari in 375 HH

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