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Thread: Herefordshire Fallow Buck

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    Herefordshire Fallow Buck

    Went to my lease ground last weekend, in Herefordshire to have a look around and see if there was any activity on the fallow rut starting. Arrived at first light and with the wind not being in the direction i had hoped, i changed my original plan and went to an area that it allowed. After sitting in my chosen spot for an hour I heard the first grunt of the season. This had come from an orchard area that i do not have so was unable to pursue any further. For several more hours I stalked and looked at known rutting stand areas but saw/heard nothing. There was also very little track of any activity around the stands.
    By the middle of the afternoon the sun had come out and actually had a bit of warmth in it. With this in mind I decided to move to another wood where a large clear fall with good cover now growing through would be facing the sun. As I approached the crest of the track that would give me a good view into the clearfall area i could see four does moving along the tree line at the far end. They eventually disappeared into the trees, which gave me an opportunity to stalk down the hedgerow on the right hand side of the clearfall. When i got to the area of a high seat that i had erected last year i decided to sit in the seat and prune the tree vegetation while in situe. As quiet and as slow as possible i spied the area between removing some of the leaves, small branches that had grown arround the seat. After about 45 minutes some movement caught the corner of my eye, lifting my binoculars to investigate, i spotted one of the biggest bucks I have ever seen on my lease. As the buck ran down the tree line he stopped for a second to look into the thicket (where the does I spotted earlier had entered). With the buck looking directly away from me, the only shot presented was a high neck one. Placing the crosshair of my .270 on the top of his neck the buck disappeared from view in the scope as i put the shot off. With the high vegetation i watched the shot area for several minutes with a new round incase a follow up shot was required. With no movement present after a short time i descended the high seat and walked towards the buck, where on arrival he lay where the impact had struck him.
    What a buck he was, turning out to be one of the biggest ever shot on the estate.
    Yes I know you don't call this deer management as if this ground was managed by myself alone i would of probably left him for a couple of more seasons, but with syndicate politics either side my ground, many people had been after him for a few years, so its a buck of a life time for me.
    This buck was 78.45kg field weight (green out) and went 63.05kg at the larder. What a magnificant animal !!
    Cheers GazClick image for larger version. 

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    nice write up, great head aswell !! i can smell him from here

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    Lovely beast Gaz. Well done. With a bit of luck I'll get the chance on one as good sometime. Must be difficult to balance the management question against the buck of a life time when you know he can wander onto the next estate. Well done.

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    A real beauty mate,congratulations


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    Cracking beast!!

    We know how to grow them in Herefordshire


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    Nicely done! Lovely buck!!
    If a wolf can take down a deer from either flank, does that make him bambidextrous?

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    Magnificent beast, well done, hope you were able to get the quad right to him!

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    Thats an absoloute cracker bud well done, will that be a medal head as far as fallow goes?

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