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Thread: scope choice for new 20 Tac

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    scope choice for new 20 Tac

    Guys I think ive made my mind up on what scope to put on my new 20 Tac when it arrives
    but your opinions would be welcome .

    The new Tac is a custom build with a 30 leilja match barrel . jewell trigger . Bat action . and custom mod .
    fitted into a custom bedded fully adjustable stock thumbhole .
    rifle being built and finished by a top riflesmith .
    The stories ive heard what these Tacs are capable of are quite Encourageing Exciting to say the least .

    So the dilema is which scope to put on top of this Screamin Deamon to finish it off and bring out the best in it
    suggestions have been Nightforce / schmitt pm2 / swaro / and zeiss .
    my problem being with the Above if i have liked the scope I Have not liked a reticle to match
    Ie I dont like xmas trees / mill dots etc / I just want to dial in if neccesary point and shoot too much tech just
    does me in I like to keep it as simple as poss .

    the other consideration is mag ive shot hundreds of foxs over the years with a 2.5 x 10 x 56 swaro with no
    problems .
    but am told that crows at around three to four hundred will need alot more mag and the right reticle .

    I narrowed it down to the nightforce 8 x 32 x 56 with a np 2dd reticle
    or zeisss 6 x 24 x 56 with a reticle 60
    illuminated dot on both
    my hunch is im going to go with the zeiss because of the superior glass which is what ive been told

    what do you long range boys think what have you used or would use in your experiences
    sorry if a bit long winded but this is serious set up and money and want to be getting it right

    regards pete .

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    not really a target fan but can say you won't go wrong with that zeiss and reticle used one a bit and it is very nice, when I was looking and trying to get one quickly I stumbled upon a 5-30x50 Z6i new but the old model at a price I couldn't pass up and with the 4a ret that is very similar to the zeiss. Slightly less bulky and the illumination is very similar, so far its been spot on foxing and being able to look through that and the zeiss side by side at last light there is nothing between them, if you got one with the ballistic turret then I would say it would be pretty handy for your application.

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    I would stick with the Zeiss, I would order a 1/4 click MOA one with a windage turret, not the 1cm click no windage one that is usuallly sold in the UK. This is the scope I use on my 20 Tac when I am not using NV.

    I find Zeiss glass better than Nightforce in low light, others would disagree but we are all different. Both scopes work well under the lamp

    Not a fan of the Swaro BT system for long range vermin shooting, the click value is too big to dial accurately enough for small targets.

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    guys thanks for the advice forgot to mention would defo be going with ballistic turrets
    regards pete .

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    Schmidt and Bender PM11 everyday of the week. Not looked through the Zeiss, although it is a scope that takes my interest. THe military use the Schmidt, and they do a good selection of reticules. I use a 4-16x50 Long range, no target turrets, but I can still "dial in" I regularly shoot crows and rabbits out to 300 yards using a .22-250. When I have saved enough money I will be going to the PM11 in 5-25x56 or a Nightforce like you mentioned. Or the Zeiss, but yet to look though the Zeiss or Nightforce.

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    Well I would defo go with the Zeiss. And your right if you want to dial in your going to need a windage turret on it to
    As for the ret I would nt be put off by the mildot 43 ir ret.

    When I 1st got one I wanted a 60 ret but couldn't find one second-hand. So in the end found the 43 mildot ret
    For the right money. After speaking to a friend who does a hell of alot of long range vermin shooting.

    He has this ret and told me dont be put off by the mildots as there small and dont cover long range vermin. I bit the bullet and got this ret and now having owned it for a couple of years im glad I did.

    My other shooting mate has since sold his nf and got same scope but with 60 ret. And well its superb
    foxing ret.

    I have since notice when doing some longe range target shooting with it this 60 ret has a bigger dot then my mildots on my scope. I found the dot a little big to be honest.

    Dont get me wrong he has still nailed long range pigeons and rabbits using it. But I think its a little big still.

    Your having a 30 inch barrel on the 20 tac ? Thats a long old barrel
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    Have you had a look at the scopes from Sightron or March,some of the bench rest lads rate them highly.
    Don't think Sightron do an illuminated ret though.

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    Optics quality and preferred reticle aside I would simply say the one that is most sympathetic to the lines, scale and weight of the rifle given the description suggests its sporter rather than tactical in makeup. I may be wrong but that’s what “BAT” actions suggest to me.
    So often these days you see lovely, handy looking rifles with scopes more suited to banging in fence posts than aiding rapid target acquisition

    Rant over!



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    After having both I'd say definitely Zeiss out of the two.Have a look at the Swaro Z6 30x before making a final decision.I have one sitting on the 20BR and is ideal with the ballistic turrets

    I'd also think twice about the 30" barrel.A 20"-22" is far more manageable

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    Is this predominately a daytime rifle? If so then nightforce 8-32x56 NP2 DD all the way, i have 2 & they are outstanding for the task.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... it's just that yours is stupid!!

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