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Thread: Partition/Accubond/TTSX

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    There's been a bit of banter lately about partitions not performing to the standards of some other premium bullets.

    would you guys using the above be willing to share your experiences on say the Partition, Accubond and the TTSX?

    curious what people's thoughts are on expansion, retained weight, knock down ability, integrity, through-through ability, quality of mushroom, fouling, shrapnell issues, and accuracy.

    thanks again, sorry this is topic has come up again, but there's so many newcomers to the Stalking Directory I'm sure there's no harm done raising it again.


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    I can only comment on the Partition. I don't shoot many deer per year so my comments are based on a small sample size but none the less they reflect my experiences as an end user.

    I was using Hornady Spire Points and they shot very well in my rifle and, indeed, they worked well on deer. I worked up a load for the Partitions basically because I fancied using something a little different. I'm now glad I did and the Partitions are likely to stay as my standard hunting load, unless of course I decide to try something else different.

    The Partitions weren't quite as accurate as the Spire Points for me but the difference was small and wasn't going to be a major issue. I shoot mostly sika and the Partitions were the only bullet I've used that sometimes puts a chest shot sika straight down. I'm not saying that using a Partition will mean that every deer will go straight down but until I started using the Partitions I'd never seen a sika go straight down whereas now one in 2 or one in 3 go straight down for me. I also shot a red hind with one, in the chest, and the estate stalker was convinced I'd shot her in the head such was the speed of her demise. On the other hand I did have one sika, chest shot with a Partition, that ran probably 150 yards but in defence of the bullet the deer wasn't standing quite as square broadside to me as I thought and so the angle of the shot wasn't optimal even if the strike was right where I'd aimed it so it would be hard to pin this one on the bullet. With the Spire Points, just for a point of reference, sika always ran a minimum of 50 yards with something around the 100 yard mark being about normal.

    I've never had one fail to exit but must say that I never had a Spire Point fail to exit either.

    On neck shots (facing towards or away only) I've had very dramatic performance consistent with rapid expansion with maybe 4 inches of bone missing totally and the head only retained by the skin at the entry wound and I've also had a small entry and exit with, clearly, very limited damage visible. In all cases the neck was broken and the deer cleanly killed.
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    Well I used partitions for A few yeas and had started to notice loads of fragments in the carcass some quite a way from the entry point and also my friend used them and we both had similar results also he had a number of runners also with what you would call a perfect engine room shot but it was though they were expanding very quickly and breaking up like a BT so that was enough we thought.

    we then tried the TTSX and never looked back they are most certainly more accurate everything drops on the spot we recovered one and that expanded beautifully so thumbs up from us, I can't see me changing from the TTSX they are not cheap but I only stalk recreationally so it's not a huge issue for me I used sierra match bullets for practice and use the TTSX for hunting a huge thumbs up from me I no of a few people who use them now and they all think the same as us.....

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    I used to use nosler partitions alot on roe deer, but found that on engine room shots at a range of 150 yards or closer the bullet passed through like a needle & offered little expansion. Roe just seem too lightly constructed to offer enough resistant & allow the partition to expand.

    Using the same bullets on Fallow, Red & Sika the results are far better. Good penetration, expansion & drop them nicely.

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    Using 165 accubonds in my .300wsm, very pleased with them.

    Entry and exits are not excessive but, they certainly create an impressive wound channel and kill cleanly.

    Always found the ttsx's to be good but, needed to be pushed fast in my .270 to get the best expansion.

    I'll be sticking to the accubonds from now on.

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    TSX for me work every time near and far, Roe and fallow pass through with minor damage to carcass, reds I tend toi find em lodged under skin on opposite side to entry.

    Maintain 90% retained weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmist View Post
    TSX for me work every time near and far, Roe and fallow pass through with minor damage to carcass, reds I tend toi find em lodged under skin on opposite side to entry.

    Maintain 90% retained weight.
    The one we recovered retained 98% weight they seem to be one of the best weight retained bullet by far

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    Not able to contribute much - however, I have just recently after load development switched to the 110gn AB in my .25-06Rem. I've got the MV to 3100fps from my 22" barrel with good accuracy.
    I had been using Sierra 1620 100gn PH but wanted the better flight characteristic & retained energy for terminal performance at say 300yds offered by the AB.
    As yet due to unfortunate timing of events, the load is untested on reds... or any other deer. But, I have tested it recently at Calton Moor Range with Mike at distances out to 500yds and it was good.

    By the way, these bullets are like rocking horse poo to get hold of and a hell of a price, so I hope they really do work as I expect
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    It's a little easier for me, in the states, because I can get blem Partitions for just a little more than Hornady Interlocks (FWIW, this would be my second choice.) I mainly shoot a 7x57 with 150PTs @ 2725fps. I think the Partition is about the perfect alround bullet. It's designed to open quickly, to the partition, and the second half penetrates. In animals up to 300lbs, including pigs and red hinds, I have only had one not exit. It was a 140lb boar. The odd thing about that was the on-side shoulder was not damaged much, but the bullet struck the off-side shoulder 'knuckle' shattering it. It did not exit and ruined the shoulder. A friend uses a 7x08 with 140gn Accubonds @ around the same speed. These are cheaper. He has much less experince with them, but they seem to perform about the same as the PTs. capt david

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    This is really worth a look lots of bullets and calibres tested you have to register but its worth it!)

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