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Thread: Owning bullets?

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    Owning bullets?

    Hi guys, bit of an odd question maybe. I work with young people and over the last few years have developed a filedsports project and cover things from fishing to air rifle shooting and conservation. What I am thinking about doing is getting together a collection of bullets to show to the older youngsters we work with, and explain what they would be used for. Only for the people that complete our recognised Bisley Course. Would it be legal for me to own just bullet heads and casings without powder and primers to show to to the kids? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks, tim.

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    Have you contacted BASC firearms expert or had a chat with you FSEL department they would be able to give you the answer.
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    Nope, need an exemption on your fac to hold them.

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    Depends what you have on your ticket and what bullets you want to possess for this. If you are talking about any bullet heads that come under the category of expanding ammo then these are section 5 and you will be restricted to what you have on your ticket and there may also be problems with kids handling them. Best check on this. (ridiculous considering it is only a bit of metal but that is the legislation for you)

    If the bullet heads used are not designated as expanding I am pretty sure you are in the clear. You could always drill out the primer pocket as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patjack View Post
    Have you contacted BASC firearms expert or had a chat with you FSEL department they would be able to give you the answer.
    I would agree this would be preferable than getting advice on here!

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    you can own anything off ticket its just a bit of metal (tho i think you need to show a ticket to buy primers these days) Except expanding bullet heads and fully assembled Ammo.

    you could get a Expanding head cut lengthways by a ticketed owner I cant see that after that it could be classed as a Bullet head

    Maybe get a .50cal cut in half lengthways you can show the internals on a bigger scale

    army surplus sell cases and made up bullets ( no primer or powder )

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    The law is quite clear. You may purchase, aquire, hold bullet heads for target shooting. These are not designed to expand and will be marketed FMJ (Full metal jacket), match or Target. You may also buy brass cases. And powder come to that, but you don't need it for your purposes. A gun shop would not ask to see a ticket for these and could also be bought mail order with no problems.

    The act restricts bullet heads designed to expand and will be marketed as soft point etc. Also completed rounds and primers.

    If you are after a target type bullet pushed into a brass case (Dummy round), then that isn't a problem in any calibre.

    Your biggest issue is quantities. Each calibre will be sold in 100 boxes for heads and cases.

    A request on here might get people to send you one or two offs. People regularly create a calibre board.

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    'field sports project' in the OP, took to mean hunting ie. shooting animals of course target projectiles are exempt from the holding condition.

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    And part of the first lesson should be, they are bullets, missiles or projectiles not HEADS.
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    Probably a good idea to start at the beginning, Bullets are Bullets, Heads conversely, are at the other end, The case Head!
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