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    the Fourth Horseman

    Good afternoon

    I am now a recreational stalker,but have in the past prior to retirement been a professional stalker. At present I am more interested in watching deer but still fill the freezer with selected animals. I have level 2 and am an approved witness for DMQ. I use a varity of calibres from .243w to 7 X 57 as and when they are most useful. I was for a long time a member of The St Hubert Club, but in recent times the Club has in my view gone wrong and it is no longer worth being a member.
    I understand that in the sporting press they are getting a bit of a slating for being sexist and that in recent times some of the hierarchy were suspended for mis management, but got reinstated. Thank goodness I'm out.
    We have red fallow and muntjac in the area I live but we are also getting a few roe moving in now which is good to see (for me but not for foresters).

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