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Thread: Badgers in Glostershire

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    Badgers in Glostershire

    Can you guys give some ideas on the numbers of badgers down in glostershire
    What amounts do you see when lamping, or sitting out at dusk.
    We see badgers infrequently maybe once a month, the setts are well spread out say 4 in every square mile.
    They dont give any real problems such as tractors wheels sinking into sets.
    They never live in stacks of round bales, only foxs
    Do you guys have a lot or are they just infected with TB
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    I working in Glocester at night and drive though the lanes to get there I must say I have seen quiet a few and also hit a few when driving back in the early hours of the morning.At. One point I drive down a hill past a dairy farm and not 200 yards there is a big set at the bottom of the hill up in the bank off the road And have seen 5 there at one time running around.

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    Anything badger-related in Gloucestershire is a touchy subject just now. There are shooters around here turning down fox-control because of the threat of action by antis.

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