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Thread: Florida Bass fishing

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    Florida Bass fishing

    Hi guys,

    I and the family just got back from Florida. My son and I apart from shooting love fishing and thought we would do a spot of Bass fishing on Lake ToHo (Bass capital of the world)

    Absolutely fantastic fun and a great experience, I enjoyed it and my son enjoyed it even more which put an even bigger smile on my face.

    Here is a couple of photos of some of the many largemouth bass we caught, o and we caught 3 Gar's as well they are ugly nasty things !



    Thought we would share our experience with you guys,


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    i got a call from my boss a couple of weeks ago asking if i can attend an event in miami at the start of november. i was literally just looking through bass pro shop locations and planning a couple of days either side of the event to fill with hunting related shopping. i am not a big fishing fan but i have watched some programs on bass fishing and i may give it a go when i am over.


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    Sounds great Steve. Nice to see the young one enjoying his catch. Like to have a go at them Bass myself. Gaz

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    Great photos and I expect better memories. How were they caught? On spinner baits? I would love to get one of those critters on a fly. Man they would pull.

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    Thanks for the nice replys guys, if you get the chance to do it the go for it. We cought them on live bait called "Shiners" the Bass went mad for them!

    Thanks again alll


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    That is a super account of the fun your boy had fishing. With 3 grandsons under 4 years old I have a bit of time to save up to but them their 'fishing wods'. And on game fishing my thoughts are that conservation and catch and release has become so important, in complete contrast to the selective cull needs of our deer, which is why I am focussing on stalking. Cheers, K

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