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Thread: BRNO/CZ 601 Set trigger

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    BRNO/CZ 601 Set trigger

    as per title, BRNO/CZ ZKK single set trigger unit with all parts for sale.

    Ideally looking for 35, free postage.

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    just realised I put this in the firearms section, admin, feel free to move.

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    still available - fits the 600/601, but not 602's.

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    How about 30 posted ,do you have the stock ?
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    sorry, I've sold the set trigger and forgot to mark the post 'sold'. apologies. I 'do' have the stock, but it's on a 30-06 that I'm also selling, or keeping, yet to decide... I probably wouldn't be looking to sell the stock on it's own though. I 'do' have a spare stock for a short action that I could sell you, I was going to restore it and build a nice ebony front end into it, re-checker it, etc, that's negotiable as a package of course.

    My long action ZKK stock is super nice, it could be for sale on it's own, at a price, as it would mean I could finally get a round to building a new one in zebra wood and ebony, but you'd have to get the wallet out as there's been a lot of work put into it.



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    It's a short action stock I need ,I've just ordered an un-inletted stock from Boyds to fit to my otherwise immaculate Zkk601.

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