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Thread: Remmington Accutip .243 - Carcass Damage

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    Remmington Accutip .243 - Carcass Damage

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    Hi All,

    Wondering if anyone else has had issues with the Remington 100g Accutips. I was given two boxes and thought I would give them a go. I usually stick to Federals 80g...

    Over the last couple of weeks they have assisted in the cull of several deer - Fallow, Roe and Muntjac; however the carcass damage has been significant compared to the soft points. The exit was near non-existent with the Fallow which could have caused an issue if a blood trail was needed.

    I used up the last couple of rounds last night on foxes, you can see from the picture the damage. So, although they say on the box that they are suitable for “deer”, what would the seasoned professionals among you say?

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    thats more damage than a 225grain sst from a 338 win mag does
    I`m afraid when i die the wife will sell my gear for the price i told her

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    All bullets do damage,they are ment too,they are for killing things humanely,Charlie never felt a thing

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    looks ok to me the bigger the hole the faster they bleed out my 243 witn nosler 80g will cut foxes in half and drop deer on the spot with 37g varget and lapu brass

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