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    Wee intro

    Hi there.

    My name's Craig. I'm originally from a large island off NW Scotland, but live and work between London and Kent, though I head north as much as I am able.

    I'm 35 and have been stalking and shooting rifles since I was 12 / 13 and rimfires under supervision before that. Previously worked in roe and red culling, guided stalking and ghillieing in the Highlands for a few estates and forestry companies and also fox control in the high hills, which is my real passion - love long days and nights far out in the hills at dens in peat hags, sand holes and some of the huge cairns we have up north.

    After some years in the forces and then in the City I am now a partner in a defence and security company and looking forward to having more time for my favourite pursuits of hind stalking, foxing and fly-fishing for trout in far off hill lochs.

    Lost count of the number of rifles I've had and used, but all sorts of stuff from .22 Hornet up to .338LM and .50BMG. Started off with old .303s with open sights (Martini single shot and then a Lee Speed), to BSAs, Parker Hales and Sakos. Right now I use a Riflecraft LSR in .308Win, an accurate old Alexander Martin .270Win and love my little old BSA .22LR, which has nailed a pile of rabbits, squirrels and a good number of foxes in Kent. Just sold my .223 and .22-250 and about to take on a .243 again. Like many of you I'm keen on reloading, been doing it for about 18 years now and still learning, and get frustrated by the quality of most factory fodder.

    I don't know how I didn't come across Stalking Directory before, but it looks like a great place to meet and talk with interesting and knowledgeable people. And maybe also to offer advice to those starting out and help them avoid making the same mistakes and wasting the money that many of us will have done over the years, though rifles and scopes, even argos and quads, are (mostly) way ahead of what they used to be! Simple things like on wet days having to unscrew the eye bell of my old Weaver K4 and dry it out beside the Rayburn or it would mist up the next day. It was all I could afford at the time.

    Anyway, it's great to have found this website.



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    Hello Craig and welcome to the site.
    That's a nice intro you have written and by the sounds of it you have bundles of experience and advise to offer. I'm from Kent myself and look forward to reading your comments.

    All the best


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    Welcome to SD Craig, looking forward to you sharing your experience with us.


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    Hi Craig nice to have a fellow on who enjoys the same as me sitting out in the middle of nowwhere night after night waiting for the flash of eyes in the lamp to get the adrenalin going.Until you ve sat out at a highland fox den you havent experienced the most exciting part (+tiring)of our hobbies! best wishes Iain

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    hi craig welcome to the site mate. gadget

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    Cheers everyone. I've been reading through old posts on SD and I'm delighted at the breadth of experience amongst the members. Thanks for the welcome.

    Best regards,


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    This chap has a wealth of entertaining and informative stories...keep an eye out for his posts!!

    Nice to see you here Craig!


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