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Thread: red it winding up?

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    red it winding up?

    I shot a stag this eveing, knackered, poor condition although good head on him, but what was most remarkable was that he had a full stomach. Given that stags tend not to eat during the rut, is this a sign of it being over? Roaring seems to have largely stopped at the moment too, although its been quite warm relative to recent conditions so could just be a blip....
    Any thoughts from those more experienced with reds?

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    It will be tailing off but younger stags could be rutting for some time yet, I have heard the odd roar as late as early December, but your stag sounds like a mature stag thats run , you mentioned knackered, poor condition sounds like it, mature stags in good condition start to rut first, but no stag can keep going for the whole of the rut, a stag in tip top condition two maybe three weeks max.

    Would think your boy was finished hence the full stomach, as soon as he is finished he will just rest and eat.

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    Thanks bogtrotter, just as I thought then, it definitely feels as though things are coming to a close, I'll be looking forward to hearing that first roar of the season again next year, such a magical time of year!

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    still in full swing in the islands

    I shot a stag today which also had a full stomach, never considered it as a sign of it coming to an end
    still plenty of chasing and roaring

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    I called in 4 stags up at Hockham in Norfolk this weekend just passed. 2 mature and 2 young spikers.

    There were at least 5 other big boys still roaring in the forestry and a big lad with 20 odd hinds keeping him busy was out in the open. Not sure if they're still going full pelt.
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    mature stags that get going early can "rest " and then go again late, these tend to have fed up a bit but will still be "run" the fat reserves will be mostly gone and pink even if the grass bag is filling up.

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    Should be coming to an end soon. Obviously it ends abruptly here on the farm when I take the stags out, usually end of Oct for adult hinds and a bit later for yearlings. For what it's worth all the stags seem to have lost more condition than normal for the same amount of work. Not sure why but the wet season may mean grass quality is not good enough even though I have been feeding silage for 8 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberstag View Post
    I have been feeding silage for 8 weeks.
    Is that because of grass quality or quantity?

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    Hi Howa,
    I normally start silage in September in order that the calves learn to take it early by following mum's example. This means that by the time autumn really kicks in the flora in the rumen have already adjusted to silage and the rumen size has increased to take a lot of forage. Then they are set up for winter; leave it later and in my experience it will be too late to get continued winter growth. I am not content with calves that merely survive; they must be able to express their genetic potential. The calves will also be getting some concentrates later. In previous years I have fed concentrates in creep feeders from birth but times are getting hard and have to keep an eye on the expenditure.
    It just boils down to whatever suits each person in their particular set of circumstances.

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    I can certainly see the logic in that. Makes a lot of sense.

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