The wet weather meant not able to go drilling today so went to look for a roe buck to finish the cull target. Left late so in a hurry which is always an error. Parked up and as I got out a nice munty buck barked at me and stomped off grumbling as they do. Wanted to get to a field of beet where I was sure to see deer . Huurying along bumped a nice roe buck which went back into the wood adge. Words of my old mentor came flooding back -you start stalking as soon as you put one foot out of the truck! Any way bound to get one on the beet. Only trouble not good for wind and as soon as i get to gate way three does are standing looking at me. Off they trot and an unseen buck joins them as they carefully make their way to the top of the hill A shot there would end up in middle of Ipswich. So I carry on to spy rest of beet but the field is bare. Dusk is approaching so I decide to retrace my steps and as I look into a clkaering I see two ears which morph into a head another doe tis time with her twins. She sort of knows I am there and gives me the stare and nostril licking routine but walks acroos the grass to the otherside of the clearing taking thwe kids with her. I creep along the edge and see a munti doe abot 250 m away, to far in the rapidly diminishing light.
As I spy it mooching a long I see a pair of ears but no antlers another doe. She gets up and begins to graze They really are so graceful . So plenty of prospects for November.