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Thread: Which 6mm bullets?

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    Which 6mm bullets?

    For Roe, Fallow and Muntjac.
    I have a list of these:
    Barnes TSX 85Gr good but expensive.
    Speer HotCor 90Gr, loaded some up and tried them on the range but not on deer.
    Speer BTHP 100Gr
    Sierra Gameking 85Gr, read a few negatives about excessive expansion.
    Nosler Partition 87Gr

    I am inclined towards the Speer, they have better BC than Sierra.

    Any experience of the above or any other suggestions?

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    i have shot roe fallow muntjac red and foxes with speer 100g spbt without any problems. homeloaded with 33gns of h4895. as long as its accurate through your rifle it willl do the biz.
    i dont have any expieriance of the other bullets you mention.


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    Hi Pete, Not sure why you would want to load <100gr bullets for Fallow. I have extensively used Sierra, Speer and Hornady 100gr bullets in various formats SP, BTSP, HP and they all shoot well in my rifle, as Pete suggests choose a round that is accurate and you won't have any problems. Hornady 100gr BTSP's are a very good bullet and are a resonable price compared to Barnes and Nosler, loaded with 45gr of H4831sc they will definately do the job and have taken many many Sika and quite a few Red with these bullets. Note that 45gr of H4831 is a fairly stiff load and should be approached with caution, although I have never had a problem with pressure or case life

    good luck


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