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    Hi Guys.

    I'm on the verge of buying a new pair of binoculars.
    I have chosen Swarovski as the make, the only thing that i'm pondering on is the size, i.e. EL 8.5 x 42 or EL 10 x 50.
    Their use will be mainly down land stalking and some range shooting.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Go for either the 8.5x42 or 10x42 EL's. Don't get the 50's unless you have your heart set on them. They are very big in comparison.

    I have the 10x42 EL's, they feel very comfortable in the hand, ergonomically friendly.

    Go to where they have the 3 in stock, get a good feel for them. Then search for a second had pair, you can pick them up for £800 ish, send them off for a service, 4 weeks ish, then you will have an as new set for less than a grand.

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    TJ's right the x50's will be a fair old size and weight, it wouldn't be long before you get feed up of the size...

    I've got 7x42 SLC's but recently I saw a pair of 8x32 SL's which I almost changed them for as I liked the size a feel. But finacially it wasn't worth it for a little advantage to be gained. As far a clarity at low light goes, I won't really shoot much when the light is fading so it's not really an issue... For me.

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    For lowland stalking I think you will find the 8.5x42's ideal. I have used mine for nigh on 10 years and still love them to bits. They are okay for the occasional trip on the hill, but if I spent more time there and less in the woods I might be tempted to swap them for the 10x's.

    As TJ says, try to find a shop that has all the models you're interested in in stock and try them side by side.

    If looking secondhand, Ace Cameras has what looks like a nice pair of SLC 10x42's:

    And Kay Opticals have a pair of 8.5x42's:

    Both companies have very good reputations.

    The other one to keep an eye on is the secondhand optics list from Macleod's of Tain:

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    I really like 10x42 sometimes that extra bit of mag can distinguish a good buck from a rubbish one , without being too close

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    I have Swarovski 10x42. The extra mag definitely helps when you need to look closely...7x & 8x don't really do it for me - probably just my eyes, but I've used these for 18 yrs and just had them serviced FOC by Swarovski. They came back after four wks looking and feeling like brand new. Top service from them! ATB
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