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Thread: my first deer a red stag.

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    my first deer a red stag.

    Good day,
    well yesterday i managed to shoot my first ever deer thanks to andrew (buckbones) off the site.

    I contacted andrew through the site after seeing one of his adverts for a cull stag. We got chatting and organised a day where it was convenient for both of us.
    I met andrew on the morning of the cull. (very nice man) We proceeded to where we would zero the rifle and for andrew to instruct me on where my shot placement should be. showing me on a deer sized target at 100yds, 150yds and 200yds. when he and i were happy with the way i was shooting we moved on to the grounds where the deer were. passing some BISON on the way! (huge animals).
    Once we got settled andrew got his binoculars out for me and a spotting scope out for himself. he then gave me a choice of which deer to shoot. he wanted me to have a decent head and pointed out a couple. we then waited a while for a shot to present iteself. which it did. andrew then told me
    'when youre ready, no rush no pressure'.
    I squeezed the trigger BANG the deer hardly reacted! i thought crap i missed at first then i saw him lean over to one side and fall.
    Andrew congratulated me and shook my hand. I was chuffed.
    we approached the deer slowly and there it was my first red stag!
    andrew then instructed me on how to field gralloch and rang to organise for the deer to get transported back to the larder.
    after a change of clothes and a wash. andrew then showed me how to skin and breakdown the carcass.
    he showed me the heart and lungs. it was a perfect shot severing the top of the heart.
    i had a brilliant day and a goodnight's stay at the B+B (highly recommended)

    for anyone who is a first timer like me or an experianced deer shooter who would like to know how to skin and breakdown his own deer. you won't go wrong booking a hand's on day with andrew (and rupert).
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    Well done,nice write too,I would be chuffed with that as my first too!!!

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    Well done. Never forget Rupert

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    A very well done Mike.I hope it will be the first of many, by the write up,taken in very good company and a very enjoyable experience.
    I hope to get another report Wednesday night at the club. lol
    Da iawn.

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    Hi Mike.
    Glad you had a good day. Rupert was knackered (so was I). The head is in the bleach as we speak. May be a week or two as the Taxidemist gets a guy to make the oak mounts and I'm still waiting for a couple ordered in August. (sorry Leigh ).
    Make sure they all know at the club that it was 215 yard shot. Ranged it today.

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    brilliant andrew. if you could let me know roughly when he'll send it i can arrange for someone to be home.
    thanks again.

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    Well done on your first mike, heres too many more.

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