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Thread: Private forestry costs

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    Private forestry costs

    Hi Guys,

    does anyone have a rough idea on the cost of private forestry? Just looking for a rough rule of thumb per acre or per hectare.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards Rob

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    Will depend on where you're looking, but down here in the South it seems to go for between 7.5k and 12k per acre.

    Plenty of websites offering woodland:

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    Hi Rob -- I would suggest about 4 per acre. There's a lot of factors that have to be considered I should imagine, history, cull records, what is it surrounded by, i.e farmland or other heavily stalked forestry ? etc etc.

    Good luck wi it.

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    Sorry Rob - - I thought you meant renting/leasing.

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    John Clegg &amp Co Chartered Surveyors - A dedicated nationwide team handling all aspects of the rural property market

    Thier prices seem a little more reasonable than some of the others, but 10K an acre in the SW & Mids is usual
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    Sorry guys I should have been clearer - it is just a deer control and sporting lease, mostly surrounded by farmland.

    Cheers rob

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