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Thread: My Morning

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    My Morning

    I don't normly mind beening up at 4am when I'm eather getting ready to go stalking or just getting home from lamping but this morning is a little diffent it when like this

    My mobile ring a blocked number.

    Me: Hello
    Blocked Number: is that Mr McDermott
    Me: Yes Why
    Blocked: Do you own a land rover defender reg WGD ***W
    ME: Yes why. (Im Awake know) b
    Blocked number: Its the police can you go to the front door we need a chat
    me: or crap (end of that call)

    Put jogging bottoms on open door No Land rover (first words where's my old girl police can we come in please. right your land rover has been pinched. if you put some shoes on we'll go & have a chat so off we went so
    of we go. I can see two police cars & 4 coppers just in front of them is my land rover defender doors open bonnet up as I got up to her all the clocks was pulled out & ignition barrel had been smashed.
    The police asked were I would like it recoved to & I replyed 400meter back there were it was last night then I said I'll get it home my ex wifes parter has a recovery truck so I made the call.

    all said my girls home a lot of damage but it could have been worse
    Just had the lady to try & get finger prints & she said theres been two done last night same way clocks removed all wireing played around with

    My land rover 90 is home just about to try to get it working again

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    Wot a **** start to the day. But you got her back if that is any concilation

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    bad news mate sorry it had to happen to you. Any idea why they did it? If they were only going to dump it down the road from where they nicked it?

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    Not good, but could have been so much worse. Atleast you have it back

    Sounds like amatures though, if 2 had been done the same way with no joy, and then yours.

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    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
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    Thank lads police lady said there was another land rover 10 miles away done the same way.
    They could not get it run so left it. Just a bad mess inside. Not sure what to do with it now fix & keep or fixs & sell


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    Fix and keep. Its been grollached but hopefully you can get it going again. If they'd taken it and been thrashing the gonads out of it it would be a different matter
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    Priced all bits about 400 will put her right. I've got it running. Should be on road next week or two. I'll pop some photos up when it's running. Just a really crap day


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    It's quite easy to beef up the security, the Defenders are very 'stealable'.

    An alarm or immobiliser is not dear. Even knew a chap who welded a metal eye in and put a chain through the steering wheel and padlocked it.

    If they really want it they'll get it, but usually if you make it more difficult they will pick on another one.

    A crime prevention officer once told me that you don't need to turn your house into Fort Knox, it just needs to be a bit harder to burgle than another!

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    On my woman's we use a and a Clifford alarm plus steering lock it would probably come to around the 350-400 mark but I would say its virtually impossible to steal unless it was towed or picked up with a crane we had all this done and fitted the day we received it they are just to easy to steal and very popular with the crims not good news for the poor owners, glad you got it back though mate scumbags should be shot on sight IMOIMO

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