Canterland Woodland - Central Scotland District.
Shooting Licence.
Tilhill as managers, ofCanterland near Brechin in Angus, wishes to invite suitable stalkers orsyndicates to register an offer for a stalking/shooting license on the aboveforest.

The property has notpreviously been let by Tilhill Forestry and we do not have any previous cullfigures for the property

The forests are extends to120 Ha. (296.5 acres) and consists of Sitka spruce and mixed broadleaves.
Some of the Sitka spruce is nearing felling stage and some 20 Ha. of restock isplanned for 2013.

There is a good populationof Roe deer in the area and due to the planned restock the focus will be oncrop protection rather than sporting stalking.

Game shooting are includedin the rights and there are good possibilities for pigeon flighting.

The stalking license willbe annual with renewal every year from the 1st of April.
All offers should thereforebe for an annual license but please note that VAT will be added at the rateapplicable at the time.

The license is availablefrom the 1st of november 2012. The first licence is likely to run until the 31stof March 2014.
As long as the arrangementhas been satisfactory for both parties the licence will then be renewed withoutretendering, but with a possible adjustment of the fee to reflect inflation.

Please note that Tilhillshall not be bound to accept the highest offer or indeed any offer.

To be considered, allstalkers applying must have a minimum of:
1. FirearmsCertificate (An open certificate)
2. Insurance coverof at least £10,000,000 (Ten million pounds)
3. DMQ Level 1 (If aUK resident).

The shooting rights beingoffered under license, allows the licensee access at all times* to the forestin order to pursue and kill the following (In accordance with all relevantActs).
a. All species of ground and winged game, except black grouse and capercailzie.b. Wild deer of any speciesc. Species which are injurious to game, forestry or agriculture.All deer or game killedunder this license becomes the property of the licensee.

A contract based onTilhill’s standard “Contract of License to Shoot” shall be issued and signed byboth the licensee and Tilhill on behalf of the owner.

* Vehicular access might be restricted at times if suchaccess is deemed to cause damage to the roads.

Viewing can be done on footat anytime during daylight hours.

Offers should be givenas soon as possible, but no later than by the 15thof November 2012.
Offers must includenames and addresses for those that are intending to shoot on the property ifthe offer is succesfull. Offers should also include a short description of howthe individual or syndicate intends to carry out the shooting if successfull insecuring the licence.
Offers should be made in writingand sent (Or e-mailed) to: Leif Brag, Wildlife Manager, Tilhill Forestry,Crunluath, Strachur, CAIRNDOW, PA27 8DL

Any queries should bedirected to Leif Brag on 01369 860 686 or 07785 970 442 or by e-mail to

Leif Brag
Wildlife Manager
Tilhill Forestry

PA27 8DL
Tel/Fax 01369 860 686
Mobile 07785 970442