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Thread: Who wears one of these?

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    Who wears one of these?

    Im thinking about buying a deer stalking (Sherlock Holmes) hat. I think they look alright, however I am not sure if anyone who knows me will laugh and think, what a prat. Honestly, who wears one, is a normal cap any better?
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    go for it mate son bought me one back along really comfortable hat
    wore it twice in the field allready this season dont worry about what people think just let your
    shooting do the talking thats my motto regards pete .

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    I used to wear a sheepskin flying helmet style hat on the really cold winter days, my mates said i looked a right prat in it but when they found out how warm and comfortable it was to wear they bought them too.


    PS, i now where a waterproof/faux fur version mabe by Le chameau
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    I own a fur Davy Crockett-style hat with a racoon's tail on it, but I only wear that when it's very cold, and more to the point when I'm alone and not going to meet anyone... But it makes it all feel like more of an adventure!

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    Of course come the crowning of King Alex... oops I mean the voice of the down trodden masses of Scotland - I've got boot prints all over me I have - being realised through Independence you will be forced to refer to such head gear by it's proper title - a bonnet.

    Beside which English won't be allowed to wear them anyway! Us Scots dont need anyone but William Wallace - you know, the English mercenary from Nesscliff near Oswestry...

    On a more relevant note - they are referred to as bonnets. Like many things - form follows function - they are great on the hill and I wear them there by choice. Enjoy and stuff what anyone else thinks!
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    i have a russian made hat and its made from bear fur and i must say it is very warm indeed. Be nice to get some pants made out of it too

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    Worn one half my life, although I prefer a cap now. I don't like the shop bought type you get for 20.
    I've always preferred the ones via Haggarts in Aberfeldy, I've had them as part of a suit but you can buy them direct from them

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    I allways shoot driven pheasants and partridge in one, it keeps the sun out of your eyes or the rain from down your neck and doesn't blow off in a high wind.

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    Off the back of my Uncle raking through old photos and finding this one of me in my younger days I was given a nice tweed deerstalker for my 30th last year from him. When I'm out the hill or on the farm it's rarely off my head it certainly seems to be good in a lot of situations I would have worn half a dozen different hats in before.

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    I always have one in our estate tweed, I think that its important to keep traditions alive. I used to wear the type without ear flaps which seem to keep the shape a little better. We have our suits cleaned at least once a year and I always send my hats in to, they come back good as new. Glyn.

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