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Thread: new rifle/scope

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    new rifle/scope

    hi everybody hope you are all in good form. im thinking of buying a new stalking rifle in 300 wby magnum for use on red deer in scotland. i know its a big calibre but im getting into long range shots im thinking of a 26in barrel for accuracy i would be very interested to hear comments from fellow stalkers .oh and i would be fitting a zeiss rangefinder scope with a large magnification

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    What would a stalker know about shooting deer at long range?


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    maybe not enough dave,is it possible that you or another member could share some info on the subject,thats what im hoping for.

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    What range are you looking to shoot these deer at? and what is your motivation for doing so?

    Best rgds


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    hi thar im looking at distances of around 450 yards,my motive is in the ballistics of this calibre.ofcourse bulle
    ts loads etc would be worked out tried and tested on the range before any stalking would be done.i think there will not be a problem with acccuracy at greater distances once i have become competent with it.on the other hand if it is too much of a problem then i will just have to shoot at more normal distances

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    Hello 270tommy

    My advise if its worth owt, forget your long range shooting and a range finder scope and a zeiss. I don`t know how much stalking that you have done but even if it`s lots, there is really no excuse for shooting deer at those ranges. Deerstalking is exactly what it says on the tin, basically getting as close as you can so as to dispatch the animal quickly and humanely as possible. If you can`t get to within 200 yards of any deer, then you need to either find out what your doing wrong or pack it in and try doing something else.

    Range finder scopes, don`t get me started. Why do you want the hassle of a rangefinder when you can just have a fixed power set an inch high at 100 yards.

    Zeiss! we have spoke about them on another thread and pretty much came to the same conclusion. They don`t seem to be quite as robust as for e.g S/B or Swarovski.

    This advise may seem a bit up front but you did ask.


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    evening wadashot been stalking 30 years now but these long rangeshots really take me ofcourse i dont want to make long shots every time im stalking but its nice to be able to use your equipment to its outer parameters and make i hope as good a shot at 450 yards as at 150 yards to me that would help make a all round stalker.i have used zeiss scopes since i started and never had a problem my 1st scope i had 25 year it was as good as when i bought it nice to see your side of the coin though

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    Hello 270tommy.

    I can only comment on the newer ziess scopes, the ones built in the U.S and can only say that when i was going to get one about 3 years ago they were of very poor quality. I currently use 2 x 6x42 S/B, one on my .243 and one on my .270 both of them hungarian and have got to say that the build quality is that of German, and they both have a 30 year guarantee! I once dropped my .270 onto the forest track when night shooting deer as a contractor and apart from it being knocked of zero slightly and a mark on the top of the scope it wasn`t damaged at all, (bomb proof).


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    hi wadashot when a manufacturer gives you a guarante like that it says something about the product have you ever had a leupold scope it seems that you get a good un or a bad un what do you think

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    A pal of mine once had a leupold a few year ago and couldn`t get it to group properly, he then got a 8x56 Swarovski on his blaser but after seeing the results that i was getting with my tikka 595 .243 with hungarian s/b, pes mod and also using prvi partisans he got rid of the lot and got the same setup as me, but got the T3.

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