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Thread: Optilocks for sale

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    Optilocks for sale

    Just been looking through the optics section on stuff for sale and there seems to be a lot of people trying to get rid of Optlock bases and rings..... Does anyone know of a reason for this, or am I being paranoid? Needless to say, I'm an Optilock user.

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    Very simple - new scope needing new mounts. They are also very popular.

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    same as above to be honest , however have just sold my 30mm scope and have a 1" scope so decided to try a change and have just bought a set of Burris weaver bases specificlly for a Sako ( tapered bases) from evilbay and as a big fan of the Burris sig select mounts with there inserts thought ive nothing to loose, however i have 1" optilocs to fall back on

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    Scoie, How do you like the Burris weaver bases? I had considered them having seen them online but havent seen them in the flesh. Do they lock on with a grub screw or how do they fit?

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    Hi BWHeach base has a grub screw in he middle , quality wise they are very nice ( always liked Burris kit tbo) have yet to fit them as got the 1" optilocks on at the mo but will get around to it. One mount has a single recess for a weaver mount and the other base has two recesses , i paid 39 posted so as an alternative and if you allready have spare weaver mounts then good valuecheerscraig

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    I've just upgraded from a set of optilocks and never had any issues with them. I bought them because they were readily available and reasonably priced. After just shelling out for a new rifle, I wasn't ready to shell out for the 250 mount I've just got.

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