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Thread: 308 for Boar

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    308 for Boar

    Hi All

    I have been told today in my local gunshop that 308 is going to be the minimum legal calibre for wild boar very soon. Lucky that cos I was thinking about 270 for both deer and boar.

    Regards Steve

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    Was he trying to sell you one by chance??
    As far as I am aware the only guidance has been given by DEFRA as to a minimum of .270. This is what the police work to when issuing FAC's. It has worked in Europe for years and might upset a lot of people if they were to change it! More info here:

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    You been told a ...porky (sorry about that bad joke). In Europe there they know all there is to know about Boar, the min calibre in practise is .270 (like our calibre regulations it's based on energy at 100 metres) and this in practise includes 6.5 swedish (but certain bullet weights don't comply) making the .243 too small.
    I reckon the .308 is one of the best calibres (slow and heavy, like my mate Jumbo) anyway - it's perfect for roe with little or no venison damage and good for up to medium size African game such as Kudu.
    Personally I find the 6.5 too small. The .270 packs a mighty punch but is too fast and more liukely to be deflected if shooting in heavy brush. .30-06 , 7mm and the specialist 9mm are all popular and do the business

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    What would a 308 do that a 30-06 couldn't do ? If you have boar in mind , even on the continent , shooting a heavier bullet never would be bad .
    The 30-06 has the advantage of being able to shoot 180/200/220 grain bullets with slightly more velocity and a bit flatter trajectory .
    My choice , finances permitting , would be a 30-06 with good german swing of mounts and 2 scopes . 1 zeroed with a good 150 grain bullet for the hill and 1 zeroed with a medium hard bullet like the hammerhead or TUG ( 180/200 grain ) for woodland use and boar . You don't have to get the 2 scopes at the same moment .
    Adding a 223 for varmints and you will be covered for all possible game in a large part of the world.

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    What would a 30-06 do that a .308 can't do Use premium bullets. I use 180grn Norma oryx in the .308 and 158grn oryx in the 7x57R. Nosler partitions in the 150-180 range are good. I use the Oryx for moose hunting as well. Boar hunting should not be long range hunting keep it to under 100 mtrs.

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